Best Beginner Compound Bow 2022 Reviews: Find Your Perfect Bow Right Here

Best Beginner Compound Bow 2022 Reviews: Find Your Perfect Bow Right Here

When you are just starting to do archery and go to buy a bow, the wide variety of beginner compound bows are bound to leave you intimated. Generally, any sporting goods store or a bow shop is bound to have bows of all colors, styles, and sizes. So, which one should you go for?

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RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

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SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow

Best bow for the money
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Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

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Surely, picking out the best compound bow without spending too much can be daunting. Here are five beginner bows that are highly functional and not too costly too.

RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

The Raptor compound hunting bow is an ideal bow for all budgets. With this bow, everyone can try their hand at archery without spending a big chunk of their savings. The bow is also ideal for hunters as it comes with all the items needed to hunt and shoot.

Moreover, this is a highly versatile bow. Despite its high functionality and versatility, the Raptor, in terms of price, competes with many entry-level bows. The bow is also accessory-friendly so that as you get good at archery, you can upgrade the bow accordingly.

Since the bow comes with adjustable draw weight and length, it is an ideal compound bow that you can adjust according to your capabilities and needs. The bow comes with the necessary accessories to get you started, so there’s no need to spend more once you purchase the kit.

The kit features a 5 pin sight with level and light that ensures additional accuracy. Meanwhile, the bow comes with the peep sight pre-installed which eliminates the need of complicated assembly.

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So, whether you plan to use the Raptor compound bow just for practice or for fishing and hunting, you’ll notice that it caters to all. Moreover, it can help you improve your skills since it comes with numerous useful accessories.

The bow also features a split yoke tuning system that allows proper arrow flight and precise adjustments. Moreover, it also lets off 75% so you’ll need to use less strength than usually when you draw the weight. Thus, this feature makes the bow a versatile option for those who wish to share the bow with others.

  1. Draw weight: 30-70 pounds
  2. Let-off: 75%
  3. Draw length: 24.5 inches to 31 inches
  4. Mass weight: 3.6 pounds
  5. IBO speed: 315 FPS

  • Since it left offs 75% weight, it is ideal for those who fail to draw a heavy bow
  • Both the loop and peep sight are already installed, so you don’t have to spend time on assembly
  • Comes with all accessories needed to start hunting
  • Features like the 5 pin sight and low cost make it suitable for beginners and skilled archers

  • In some cases, the cable guard can become loose
  • The bow doesn’t seem to be too well-tuned by default

Leader Accessories Compound Bow

If your kid or your spouse wants to accompany you when you go hunting, then the Leader Accessories compound bow should be the first choice for them.

The bow is manufactured keeping in mind all the wishes and needs of a beginner. Similarly, it is also available at such a price that is highly suitable for novice shooters. At the same time, it has a quality that is superior to other bows available in the same price range. In fact, when compared to costlier options, the bow promises extra performance and additional features.

Moreover, the bow comes with a comprehensive kit that not only helps to enhance the bow’s usability but also improves your hunting skills and performance. The bow comes fully assembled which takes away all the guessing work and fiddling with it to set it up right. It is also quite well-made with an adequate sturdiness that you’ll surely appreciate.

So, this bow is not only suitable for beginners but also caters to short-heightened people. Primarily, this is because it is compact in size even when compared to similar models within the same draw weight range. For this reason, female and young teenagers will also find this bow comfortable to use.

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Furthermore, features like the dual cam system increase the accuracy and smoothness of your shot which is quite important for beginners too. The accessories accompanying the bow make it easy to use. Meanwhile, its compact design lets you make your way through dense foliage without the bow getting stuck in branches.

Overall, the bow offers the performance and functionalities needed for both fishing and hunting. However, while it is highly suitable for beginners, it won’t be suitable for those wanting more than just a novice hunting weapon.

  • Draw weight: 50-70 pounds
  • Let-off: 75% to 80%
  • Draw length: 25 inches to 31 inches
  • Mass weight: 4.4 pounds
  • IBO speed: 310 FPS
  • The smooth draw circle assists in easy hunting
  • Adjustable draw length allows versatility of use
  • Let-off design allows all age groups and even females to use the bow easily

  • The accompanying accessories are not too well-made
  • The release aid often seems to be more than needed

Topoint Archery Package M1

There is no reason to deny that the Topoint M1 compound bow is one of the best beginner compound bows you can get your hands on. It is flexible and well-designed and comes with $200 worth of accessories that can get you started.

The hunting bow in this archery kit is compact, lightweight, and short. Plus, it is made from high-quality materials that you’d expect more expensive or high-quality bows to use. It is easy to set up and shoot too. Moreover, it is highly customizable and needs just a little effort to adjust to any shooting style or frame.

What makes it an even better entry-level compound bow is the features it comes with. The bow has handmade cables and strings along with an aluminum bow riser, adjustable dual cam, and high-performance composite limb.

Its large range of draw length and draw weight allows you to adjust the bow to fit archers with a smaller frame like females and young adults. Plus, adjusting both the things are pretty easy. You just have to use the Allen keys to turn the bolts and screws to the desired level.

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All in all, the M1 is an excellent choice for beginner hunters and archers. Mainly, this is because it is ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box. It also hardly needs any adjustment. Plus, beginners can play around with the accompanying accessories to know how to correctly shoot with the compound bow before they can purchase a more complex one.

Moreover, while all the accessories are not up to the mark, the value and functionality provided by this bow are quite impressive. Thus, it is a great option for beginners on a budget as well as for females.

  • Draw weight: 19-70 pounds
  • Let-off: 80%
  • Draw length: 19-inches to 30-inches
  • Mass weight: 3.3 pounds
  • IBO speed: 320 FPS

  • It is made using high-quality materials thus ensuring durability
  • It is lightweight, making it good for hunting
  • Accurate and fast
  • Comes with accessories worth $200
  • Highly versatile; suitable for both young archers and females

  • Attaching the accessories can be difficult since it comes with minimal instructions
  • For right hand only

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow

The SAS Rage is another great beginner bow that is quite affordable. At a great price point, you get a durable and long lasting bow. The bow features a dual eccentric cam design which makes use of an adjustable draw length and weight. Thus, it is one of the most suitable options for new hunters and archers.

Moreover, the bow limbs are constructed with ABS so that users can enjoy a long service life. Plus, ABS promises an excellent combination of weight, durability, and strength. With the option to adjust the weight in 5 increments, you can tune the bow according to your strength and maximize the power.

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Apart from a speed suitable for hunters, the bow features aluminum cams. These allow a clean and smooth draw. Thus, users are left with a bow that is easy to handle and shoot. Similarly, the ability to change the draw weight with ease also gives new shooters the much-needed boost.

All in all, the bow is great for beginners and is available at quite a reasonable price.

  • Draw weight: 55-70 pounds
  • Let-off: 70%
  • Draw length: 26-inches to 30-inches
  • Mass weight: 4.4 pounds
  • IBO speed: 270 FPS
  • It is easy to draw and aim using this bow, even if this is your first time with archery
  • It is available at a pretty affordable price
  • Since it can produce enough power to take down a medium prey, it is good for hunting too

  • The 4.4 weight might interfere with the ability to target your prey accurately for a long duration

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

The Diamond Infinity Edge Pro Bow has made quite a name when it comes to the best beginner compound bows. The company is already known to make high-quality, extra versatile bows and this one is’t different.

It is pretty clear that adjustability and versatility were given clear preferences in this bow. Users are provided with what is, perhaps, one of the widest varieties of adjustability options. This has not only resulted in excellent results but has also made the bow an ideal option for both seasoned hunters and target shooters looking for a reliable weapon.

The bow comes with some additional accessories that make it easier to use. In fact, the accessories help you get better at shooting too. So, the accessories only add to the value of the bow.

Furthermore, the components are made of aluminum. Thus, they add durability to the bow without weighing too much. The string is handmade by Octane and provides the same high-quality that the rest of the bow does. Plus, the bow also features durable solid limbs.

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The bow is available for both left-handed and right-handed archers, so you don’t need to worry about not getting this bow for yourself because of the hand orientation limitation. Moreover, the high let-off percentage is an indication of the bow’s versatility. It can not only be adapted to any situation but can also cater to all shooters that want to use it.

The model is also equipped with an ultra-light stabilizer that efficiently stops vibrations, thus eliminating noise. Plus, the bow stabilizer works so well that you won’t need to spend money on a silencer. All in all, the bow is ideal for archery, hunting, and shooting for both beginners and experts.

  • Draw weight: 5-70 pounds
  • Let-off: 80%
  • Draw length: 13-inches to 31-inches
  • Mass weight: 3.2 pounds
  • IBO speed: 310 FPS

  • With the customization options, you can adjust the bow according to your liking
  • Can be used for various purposes
  • Solid limbs, lightweight construction, and excellent design make it an excellent choice for beginners

  • Doesn’t come with the peep sight pre-installed

Byer’s Guide

What to know before you buy a compound bow

As a beginner, you can be overwhelmed by the number and types of compound bows available in front of you. However, you don’t really need to worry as you can make your choice easier by taking a few factors into consideration.

How much should a beginner pay for a compound bow?

You have to know that your first compound bow will be far from the perfect one. The truth is you will end up buying another one after some years. So, it is better to choose a solid bow as your first option that you can adjust as you get more experienced. At the same, it should also be inexpensive so that it gets you started quickly and leaves you enough money to buy a higher-quality bow later.

While some of the best compound bows cost over $500, you can get some exceptional quality bows at a price of less than $400.

The bottom line is, it is quite difficult to shoot with cheap bows, and that will leave you discouraged. On the other hand, bows made by reputable manufacturers are of good quality but are a little expensive. So, it comes down to your budget and how much you are willing to spend.

What’s your purpose?

Once you define your purpose, you can narrow down your choices and end up making the right choice. So, even before you hit the stores to check out some great beginner compound bows, you need to decide whether you need it for recreational purposes, hunting, or shooting targets.

Defining the purpose is important so that you can consider the remaining factors. For instance, when looking for a bow for hunting purposes, speed is given more importance over accuracy.

Which FPS (speed) is the best for beginners?

Generally, when it comes to FPS and a compound bow, there is a very simple relationship. The more speed or, the faster the bow is, the more difficult it will be for you to draw your bow. This is because, with increasing speed, the cams appear to be more aggressive.

As a beginner, you don’t want a bow that is too difficult or aggressive as it will make it tougher for you to learn shooting properly.

Beginners are recommended to go for compound bows with an IBO speed of 330 FPS or below. In fact, 320 FPS is even more than what a beginner will need.

What brace height is preferable for a beginner?

Brace height defines the distance from the bowstring at rest and grip. A bow with a lower brace height means that it is faster and more difficult to shoot. Similarly, a higher brace height means a slower bow which is relatively easier to shoot.

At an average, compound bows have a brace height of 7 inches. To choose the best brace height, it is recommended to try out different ones and then pick one that matches your needs the best.

How much let-off should a beginner’s compound bow have?

Most beginner compound bows available on the market today have 75 to 80% let-off. Whether you are a highly skilled shooter or just a beginner, this value is excellent. While many experts prefer a lower let-off like 60%, beginners don’t really need to take on this competition.

Draw weight & length

Draw weight is the effort you need to put in to fully draw your bow. This is expressed in pounds. Primarily, you should pick a bow that you can smoothly and comfortably pull back. As a rule, higher draw weight basically means a faster bow. At the same time, higher draw weight also means heavier arrow points and arrows as well.

Draw length is the distance between the bowstring and the grip when you are positioned at full draw. While you can get the draw length adjusted, it is best to go for a lower draw length. Excess draw length only reduces your accuracy and speed.

Consider the AtA length and weight of the bow

AtA or axel-to-axel length generally has two rules.

  1. For hunting purposes:

When choosing a bow for hunting, it is best to go for a shorter with AtA less than 33-inches and a weight of less than 4.3 pounds. Since you’ll be carrying around the bow in the field and maneuvering it in a tree stand, you will really benefit from the low weight and compact size.

  1. For target shooting purposes

In such cases, a longer bow will be a better choice as it provides less vibration and more stability. As a result, your aim will be improved. However, you don’t really need to worry about your aim as a beginner.

What’s important is to choose a bow which is not more than 35 inches long. At the same time, you need one that is relatively lightweight so that you don’t get exhausted from all the practicing.

Hand orientation

Typically, a right-handed person uses a right-hand bow while a left-handed person goes for a left-hand bow. While it may seem simple, as a beginner you can misunderstand the hand orientation.

  1. Right-handed:

Basically, a right-handed bow is one that you hold in your left hand but draw back with the right hand.

  1. Left-handed:

You hold a left-handed bow in your right hand but draw it back using your left hand.

Thus, you pick out your orientation based on the hand you use to draw the bow instead of the hand that grips it.

What about warranty?

As a beginner, you would be making a lot of mistakes which means having a warranty will be great. Plus, with a warranty, you can practice and try out all kinds of shots without worrying about damaging the bow.


Before buying a compound bow, it is essential you do your research. Purchasing a bow that doesn’t fit your needs and requirements will only leave you disheartened and discouraged.

With the buying guide mentioned above, and with the five best beginner compound bows reviewed, you have a general idea of what will make a bow the ideal choice for you.

With thorough research, you can ensure you make an informed decision.

Best Beginner Compound Bow 2022 Reviews: Find Your Perfect Bow Right Here
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