About us

WildProofGear is your daily source for better outdoor gear, detailed articles, and unbiased review on all the stuff for real outdoor enthusiasts.

On the site we offer four types of information:

  • Comparative review (A list of products compared by their technical features that are important to consider when choosing the product in the review)
  • Product review (The detailed description of a certain product on the US market that gives an answer if it worth its money)
  • Buyer’s guide (This type of article contain no technical information or comparative analysis, it only gives information about how to choose a product for your outdoor adventure)
  • Brand guide (This is not about the brand, this is about the gear manufactured by some brand and its place on the market)

Focused on researching and comparing exciting products, the website has grown from the small hobby blog to independent digital magazine. Our mission is simple. We are a team of travelers, creators, users, writers and outdoor enthusiasts, bent on building the useful and reliable resource.

We hope you enjoy WildProofGear and appreciate your readership. And we encourage feedback and often incorporate it into the site. Feel free to contact us and connect via social media on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Our team

Alex Sidei, Co-Founder & CEO

Alex is both the Co-Founder and the very first content creator in our team. With a big love for outdoor activities, he is the person who raised the idea of creating something special long ago.

Prior to WildProofGear, Alex spent over 10 years helping small businesses establish their online presence leading to increasing of revenue and profits. He was an SEO & marketing expert and beginner outdoor enthusiast.  Within 10 years, he has developed deep experience in fishing and hunting and decided to launch his own digital magazine.

He doesn’t shy away from difficult business decisions and always strives for long-term value above short-term return.

Paul Blair, Editor-in-Chief & Technology Officer

Paul BlairAt WildProofGear, Paul serves as the Editor-in-Chief and Technology Officer. His educational and professional background combines technology and the arts, giving him the ability to effectively create applications in a way that optimizes for both functionality & usability.

Along with professional understanding of product reviewing, Paul also offers his knowledge on the site through the experience he developed over the years of camping, climbing and hiking.

His passion for the outdoors has grown during his first summer trip through Appalachian Trail, when he was 17 years old. Now Paul is the Co-Founder and Senior Editor at WildProofGear.

Maxim Cullen, Survival expert

Maxim CullenMax is a seasoned hunter and prepper of hardcore level currently residing in California.

He is responsible for gear testing “on the field”.

“Durability of a survival knife or monocular’s night vision is something that cannot be checked in the office” – said Max, after which we decided to invite him to our team.

When he’s not torturing another multitool, you may probably find Max watching soccer, playing acoustic guitar or monitoring political news.

Chris Ryan, Device expert

Chris RyanMeet Chris, our device guru. Paul oversees main aspects of WildProofGear’s operations, from content creating to multi-variate testing, to ensure profitability and stability.

Additionally, to emergency radios and power stations, Chris reviewing flashlights and binoculars.  A degree in Electrical Engineering and passion to all things outdoors made him one of the members of our team.

His off-hour hobbies include testing the latest Apple gadgets, listening to heavy metal or cooking at home.