How we review

At WildProofGear, our goal is to provide thorough, unbiased and high-quality reviews across a wide variety of outdoor products on the market, everything from jackets to tents to pocket knives. Our reviews are not only informative, but they are engaging enough to keep the reader connected with the piece.

All our content goes through a detailed comparative analysis to ensure factual accuracy. This analysis begins with seeking out knowledge and information from outdoor enthusiasts and experts alike, often utilizing their interviews and testimonies to create a factual, unbiased guide that is written in the first person point of view.

To review, all of our content must always be:

  • THOROUGH – Include all relevant product information. Try to think of what questions someone might have about the product, and then answer those questions in the text.
  • UNBIASED – We are not trying to take sides, or even choose one favorite above all others. Rather, we are trying to provide neutral & factual information.
  • HIGH-QUALITY – Readers know our content for being both technically accurate and grammatically correct. Use spell check!
  • INFORMATIVE – We want all our readers to gain useful information from the piece
  • ENGAGING – You are writing about outdoor gear! Write with passion, and the reader will be hooked in every time.
  • WRITTEN FROM THE FIRST PERSON P.O.V. – This adds the personal flair that is required to make the material engaging. Think of it like you are behind the desk of an outdoor store, describing a product to a customer.

Sources of proven information we use for our reviews:

  • In-text Citations

One great way to make the material more authoritative and educational is to include relevant facts from trusted sources. For instance, someone who is reading up on BEAR SPRAY might be interested in a fact or two about BEAR SAFETY, as long as it’s from a credible and reliable source.

Most facts and statements in our articles are proven by in-text citations. These citations are hyperlinked to the relevant page on a primary source external website. Some primary sources include: , , , ,

  • Expert reviews on-line

Another way that we acquire information for our content is to seek out the advice, opinions, reviews, and experiences of outdoor enthusiasts and experts alike. Forums are a great place to find these experts discussing the very products that you are writing about, giving you a credible source of hands-on experience with which to create the review.

Often times, this method allows you to see if there are any common or frequent opinions expressed about the product. For instance, if more than one user is posting the same experience, be it positive or negative, it is a good sign that it is something that you might want to tackle in your review.

Forum review

  • Customer Experience

We are not interested in calculating the numbers of positive and negative reviews. We seek out a range of existing reviews so that our content reflects a wide base of experience.

Our mission is to create authentic content that is true to the diverse user experience. For this reason it is important to spotlight the best features of the item while addressing common ‘negative’ issues with insight and respect.

Remember: the goal of our reviews are not to rank the items from best to worst. The goal is to educate in an unbiased manner.

customer review

  • Manufacturer websites

No matter what the subject, people always want to know the relevant specifications. This information provides a clear, concise way for users to quickly compare one item to another. But instead of providing this information in-text, we format it via list or bullet point for maximum readability.

This information is highly important to the user, so it’s our job to ensure that the listed technical features are correct for each item.

All technical features are taken from official manufacturers websites and is compared to match the information taken from the above mentioned sources.

manufacturer info

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