7 Best Crossbows For Women: Classified by Weight, Velocity, Draw Weight

7 Best Crossbows For Women: Classified by Weight, Velocity, Draw Weight

We took 50 of the best crossbows for women available in 2020 and compared them by bow weight, velocity, draw weight, and many other features.

We considered functioning, price, and durability most of all. As always, we did not consider design since it’s a matter of taste, and no research needed. For this review, we thought the ease of use, because it’s important for people with different skill levels. There’s also the best value or all-around pick since the best crossbow depends on the features you need.

Here’s the deal…

After our research, we discovered the recent rise in popularity in crossbow sports, with women and kids on the rise. As a result, manufacturers are consistently churning out different models to accommodate the growing population, and making the right choice with no proper knowledge is no easy task.

So…we have done the hard work for you.

We have discussed the necessary features every lady hunter should look at for. Whether for hunting, sports, or just recreational use, we have got every detail to address your concern. Most importantly, we provided a detailed buying guide and FAQ’s that includes every information you need before making a buying decision.

Let’s dive right in.

Excalibur Crossbow Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow – best lightweight crossbow for women

EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Null Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow with Lite Stuff Package/Vari-Zone Scope

First up, we have the best lightweight crossbow for women Excalibur Crossbow Matrix SMF Grizzly Crossbow. The matrix Grizzly is built to withstand the severities of hunting and also lightweight enough to carry about in the wood.

Weighs only 5.5 pounds; the crossbow is perfect for teens and adults alike. Its sturdy frame is built from SMF opposite materials that provide a high level of strength for powerful and accurate draws.

Its limbs feature a narrow 30 inch that provides a smooth and straight path for your arrows, while the CRT build is sturdy enough to support 200-pound draw weight.

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The design…

Regardless of its sturdy and well-balanced build, the crossbow features an attractive and functional design. It comes with a “mossy oak” pattern on the frame, which makes it a professional appearance that blends with your surroundings.

Matrix Grizzly features a compact design measuring about 33 inches in length, making it ideal use in a cramped hunting blind. Its shorter stock fits comfortably against most hunters’ shoulders; hence you’ll appreciate the “thumbhole” design that gives you a convenient place to steady your hands.

The performance…

Base on the unpopular opinion that the performance of a crossbow determines its price, well, that’s not true for the Matrix Grizzly. The crossbow provides the same quality of performance as other Excalibur crossbows.

Its SNF composite frame is durable and well balanced, while the limb set provides a narrow path for the arrow to follow on release. Hence, making every shot hit the exact target.

The crossbow is capable of velocity up to 305 feet per second, with a maximum draw of 200 pounds making it pretty easy to take large and small game.

The features…

The crossbow’s vari-scope is easy to adjust, gives you accurate readings so you can aim and plan your next shot. Its rope cocking mechanism makes it extremely easy to load and set your arrows, features an 11.5-inch power stroke.

The crossbow also includes 1-inch rings and a convenient quiver that shows you the position of your arrow. With four diablo arrows and 4 150 grain field points, you can start aiming at box target or better still head out to see how the bow performs on a hunting trip.

Overall, the accuracy and reliability of the Matrix is what every hunter won’t negotiate about.

  • Lightweight and well-balanced design
  • Includes 4 bolts and attachable quiver.
  • Draw weight is moderate
  • Extremely easy to assemble out of the box
  • Included scope is adjustable to ensure accuracy

  • Scope Could be better
  • Can be hard to find aftermarket arrows/Points

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow – best women’s crossbow for deer hunting

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow

Next up, we have the Barnett Whitetail Hunter, which offers limitless opportunities for beginner hunters. Plus, its lightweight design makes it easier for hunters with a small body frame such as female shooters and teenagers to have a successful hunting experience.

The build…

The model’s mainframe is made from stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and rust. Since hunting takes place in less ideal weather conditions, the crossbow will require low maintenance.

It’s also delivered to customers fully assembled–comes with an instructional video that takes barely 5 minutes to get in good operating order.

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The design…

With a draw weight of only 150 pounds, almost anyone can cock it and shoot. Perhaps, female shooters and teenage hunters will find it easy to use, making Barnett an excellent first bow.

On the flip side, most seasoned hunters will scoff at it as it doesn’t deliver enough power to bring down a deer, but it has more functionalities that are more useful out in the field.

The bow has the Realtree Extra Camo pattern, allowing you to hide in the brush, tree stand or hunting blind, waiting for your prey. Its kinetic energy is 103 ft-lbs is enough for hunting medium game, but not an ideal choice for a big game.

What makes it exceptional for beginners?

The Barnet offers a TriggerTech technology on this crossbow, which helps with accuracy and short consistency. This feature helps for frictionless release, works with a three-pound trigger with zero-creep hence making a perfect learning curve for a beginner when picking up a crossbow for the first time.

The cock sensor and the anti-dry fire trigger mechanism is a good advantage for eliminating early shots.

Just as the case of recently designed crossbows, the Barnett comes with a 4 x32 scope, a rope cocker, a quiver, two arrows & lube wax for keeping the string in good working order.

Additionally, the model comes along with an anti-vibration foot stirrup, which ensures you stay conceal at your hiding place without drawing unnecessary attention. A crossbow designed with such features makes for perfect and deadly accuracy against games like deer and turkey.

What’s the bottom line?

The Barnett is mainly for beginners, its craftsmanship and array of features make it a good fit for beginner lady hunter.

  • Safety assured
  • Has quick speed
  • Ideal for shooters with a small body frame
  • Lightweight and easy to manipulate

  • Has an average speed
  • Scope needs adjustment

Barnett TS390 Tactical Series Crossbow – best crossbow for experienced users

BARNETT TS390 Crossbow

Struggled so much in your bowhunting career for years? Barnett TS390 Tactical is here to decrease your rate of failure noticeably.

What does this entail?

The bow has an immense speed generating capability, meaning that it can produce much speed and force compared to any other bow of a similar type.

Its broadhead has a total speed of 390 ft./s from throwing. Impressive right? Of course, the more speed a broadhead contains, the quicker it can hit the target even like a speedy rocket.

The model is equipped with the latest CNC mechanism: a modern science technology that ensures the shot of a broadhead is more quiet & smooth never deflects and will likely neutralize your target.

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Additionally, the flight track in which the mechanism is installed is made of pure aluminum, a lightweight material which makes the bow extremely light and more durable.

What’s more?

The safety features… The Barnett has enthralling safety features that ensure a successful hunting experience devoid of injuries. Comes with a combination of finger security remainder and finger guards, a feature that ensures your fingers is not in a vulnerable position, keeps it away from the danger zone.

Its anti-fire technology prevents the bow from producing fire due to friction produced during the shot of broadheads. Plus, the step-through riser mechanism. A technology that ensures accurate functioning — helps keep the bow light when you are in adverse zones—as the bow seems more flexible and consequently becomes more reliable in accomplishing its task.

Overall, the Barnett TS390 comes with exceptional features that make the best crossbows for experienced users.

Other specifications…

Kinetic Energy: 128 ft. lbs.

Weight: 7.6 lbs.

  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Has a rope cocking device
  • Has the latest safety equipment
  • CNC technology confirms silent and level shot.
  • Comes in an assembled state

  • Quiver can slightly be annoying to use
  • Needs to wax the cord after making 10 shots

CenterPoint Sniper370 Crossbow Package – best women’s crossbow for beginners

CenterPoint AXCS185CK Sniper 370 Crossbow Package

As the name sounds, the Sniper is an exceptional crossbow that helps you aim and shoot with tremendous accuracy while making the bolts fly at superior speeds toward your target.

Best part? Its smooth operation makes it the best choice both for small and big games.

The build…

The model is designed with quality composite and aluminum, which makes for durable yet a lightweight bow to enjoy.

Its drawback weight sits right at 185 pounds, making it a high-performance bow for every shot.

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Exceptional accuracy…

Along with the Sniper370’s compact design, the crossbow has a built-in-adjustable stock, and foregrip that accommodates your shooting style and ensures exceptional accuracy—a rare feature in other crossbows. The Sniper370 has integrated string suppressors to keep shots quiet and vibration-free, 3 20-inch carbon arrows, quiver, rope, and anti-dry fire/auto safety mechanism.

Look, the Sniper 370 is a great tool you need to hit the field with confidence. Performance is a key value for crossbows, Sniper 360 delivers. So looking for high-performance crossbow at a reasonable price, Sniper 370 is a perfect deal. And with a plethora of accessories included, its sure an excellent deal.

  • Has exceptional accuracy
  • Has superior speed
  • Has extra accessories
  • Fully adjustable and foregrip

  • Adjustable stock can be
  • Noisy and a bit clunky

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Crossbows Warrior G3 Crossbow Package – safest crossbow for women

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Crossbows Warrior G3 Crossbow Package

Here we have the Wicked Ridge, an improved version of the proven Warrior Crossbow, the award winning performance bow. Its best for professionals and beginners, and assembling it is extremely easy.

The features…

In most cases, cocking the bow is a bit problem, but that’s an advantage as it has a built-in-rope cocking feature.

Its open-back design reduces the weight and allows for easy installation of either ACUdraw or ACUdraw with a quick-install adapter plate.

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Additional safety measures…

Along with its fully-integrated pass-thru fore-grip that provides protection and comfort, comes with a back-up elongated safety wing that safeguards your hand while shooting. Plus, the ergonomic pistol grip with a fully enclosed trigger guard provides added protection.

Pin-point accuracy…

The bow is powered by speed-inspired 4S cams, the bow assembly is extremely narrow when cocked-which allows for more shot opportunities in tight situations.

The Wicked Ridge is equipped with 11″ WRX laminated limbs, while the bow assembly is built for bone-crushing speed with pin-point accuracy.

Its key accessories include there pieces of Multi-Line Scope, 3-Pack Aluminum Arrows, TenPoint 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver featuring an ultra-durable spine and flexible rubber loop which allows you to hang silently on the quiver while on a tree stand.

But… Be careful about using the rope to cock the bow as it can damage the arrow retention spring. Summarily, the Wicked Ridge is light, accurate and easy to assemble the device, most importantly, one of the safest crossbows for women.

  • Durable and great balance
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Comes with a great scope
  • Has bone-crushing speed
  • Has added safety features

  • Loud safety click
  • More expensive than others 

BARNETT Avenger Recruit Crossbow — best price crossbow for women

BARNETT Avenger Recruit Crossbow

The Barnett Recruit is an economical crossbow designed with woman or smaller-framed shooter in mind—making it easy to hold and fire while still having the energy needed for hunting.

Beside performing extremely well in the field as a hunting crossbow, assembling it is pretty easy as well.

Guess right?

You can easily attach the quiver, if you prefer it that way and then attach the riser to the stock, once done you can mount the red dot sight, and you’re ready to shoot. Pretty easy, right! Though not the most powerful crossbow you could ever imagine, but with a speed of 300 fps and 400-grain arrows, the Recruit deal out 85 ft. Lbs. of kinetic energy. Impressive!

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Best part?

The bow is also easy for younger children can shell enough power to take down larger game like moose and bear.

Impressive accuracy…

The bow has an impressive accuracy but moving to longer ranges, the accuracy may drop off because of the lack of magnification in the scope.

Here’s the kicker…

The Barnet Recruit might be a small crossbow, best believe as a hunter you can expect great results from it, so long you are within a “highly accurate” range of your game. The Barnett Recruit has a draw weight of 130 pounds, very easy to draw even without the rope cocking device.

It gets better….

The draw weight is smooth, light, and the string latches securely in the cocking mechanism.

The compound crossbow features composite limbs & composite stock, and as an ergonomically designed pistol grip, it’s adjustable stock makes it easy to personalize the crossbow to your body size.

Fire safety mechanism…

The Barnett Recruit features an anti-dry fire mechanism that prevents you from shooting without the arrow, also features above grip finger guards.

The bottom line?

Barnett Recruit is an economical crossbow with many excellent features. If you’re on a budget, it’s surely a great choice.

  • Perfectly sized for women and smaller-framed shooters.
  • Includes anti-dry fire mechanism
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Includes rope cocking device

  • Not-so-good quality string
  • Only includes a red dot sight

Tenpoint Lady Shadow Crossbow Package – best-rated crossbow for women

Tenpoint Lady Shadow Crossbow Package

Looking at the TenPoint, it’s evident that it was designed for women and with everything a lady hunter needs.

An ergonomic design…

For beginners, it features a well-built, stylish, and sturdy body. The package kit contains three pieces of Magnum XX75 bolts and illuminated multi-reticle scope, an ambidextrous quiver mount, a quick detach quiver, and an instructional video.

The model is a lightweight crossbow, making it easy for female hunters to carry around while moving about in the wood.

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Famine features…

It has a color mix of black and pink, pink strings and cables, which gives it a more feminine look.

The good news?

The design features a Tenpoint’s FSB (Functionality Superior Bullpup) stock and offers a good weight distribution.

It also comes with a set of rubber dampeners that serves dual purposes: to cut vibration and noise and safeguard your fingers and thumbs.

High-level accuracy…

Given the high-level accuracy that comes with the Lady Shadow, it makes so much fun while stoking upon meat. The lightweight makes it easier to carry about, while the great trigger makes those shots much easier to take. Its multi-reticle scope is clear, allows for accurate shot placement at a multitude of ranges.

With 13.5 inches of distance between each axle when cocked, it weighs only 6.4pounds. You can also achieve kinetic energy within the range of 99 to 104 feet-pounds.

Great speed…

The TentPoint delivers speeds at about 350 /s when using 375-grain bolts, and 330 feet per second when using 435-grain bolts, a perfect crossbow for small game hunting, deer and bear hunting. For tight hunting quarter…no worries, the lady shadow is only 13.5″ axle-to-axle when cocked! Ultimately, the TentPoint is excellent hunting crossbows that adds a bit of class to lady hunters.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Comes as a complete kit
  • Good cocking mechanism
  • High accuracy
  • Ergonomic design

  • Pricey
  • Only Available in Pink

Buying Guide

In this buying guide and FAQ section, we will walk you through on the necessary information you need to consider before making a buying decision. It’s important to note that some technical details may come handy, hence your rapt attention.

How to choose a crossbow for women? Factors to consider


Its good you understand that there’s a specific market for crossbows for women. The criteria are different from that of men. The main criterion of focus when distinguishing the best crossbows for women is the overall weight. Why? Because women are mostly smaller-sized shooters who often wish to engage in a long hunting session but don’t want to suffer from arm fatigue because of heavy crossbows. So it should be in your best interest to consider the weight size.

Draw weight

A second considerable factor is the draw weight of your crossbow. If you want an effective crossbow, then go for a quality one. Resist the urge to fall for shiny object syndrome, most crossbows look fairly nice, with a poor performance rate. A good bow must be able to be cocked; otherwise, the crossbows will lack the precision required for a successful hunting experience.

Skill level

The next in line is the skill level of the user. For a beginner hunter, endeavor to research the basic crossbow models available in the market to understand the basic processes and mechanisms involved. For pro hunters, focus more on mid-range crossbows which require more skilled handling to be effective.


Whether you are hunting or target shooting, speed is a very crucial factor in ensuring you maximize your chances of success against moving target. For your information, the stationary target is less focused on speed but more on handling and accuracy, therefore examine the various velocities of various crossbows to best understand the relative speeds.

Price tag

The prices for the best crossbows for women will lie between $300 – 500 price range. Hence, the crossbows with higher velocities, and are geared towards hunting are more expensive than the crossbows designed for target shooting within women’s market. So with this information, we believe you understand that the best approach to choosing a quality bow depends solely on your hunting objective.

Now, let’s head over to the features… Features to consider while buying the crossbow for women.

Crossbow type

  • Compound Crossbows

A compound crossbow uses a levering system, usually a cable or pulley, to bend the limbs. Such a process reduces the draw weight as the cams take over the process. This process not only enables the cocking to be straightforward but ideal for beginners. Compound crossbows are also louder when shooting mechanism operates, so you may need to carry along a spare string if it breaks down which may hardly occur.

  • Recurve Crossbows

They are much lighter than compound crossbows, best suits hunters with smaller frames such as women. Lightweight bows reduce the chances of arm fatigue, ensuring you hunt for longer periods. Recurve bows are also much quieter when fired, ensuring a successful hunting experience as targets are unaware of arrows being fired.

But here’s the kicker…

They require low maintenance, you simply need to ensure that the mechanism is lubed periodically and they would last longer. On the flip side, the recurves are harder to cock as the shooter pulls the weight until it reaches the cooked position, that’s pretty hard work. Though it’s also not an ideal crossbow to use in an enclosed space, as the cocked position is very hard to maneuver, which may ruin your opportunity for a clear shot.

Crossbow Weight

The weight of the crossbow determines the choice of your crossbow. Perhaps when hunting, a lighter crossbow will ensure you don’t retire quickly as against the heavier bows. Lighter bows increase your chances of success by ensuring your shooting setup is more stable. We advise you to test different weights to figure out the most suitable weight for you.

Safety system

As it applies to the use of every machine, safety measures first before other operations. We advise beginners to take a look at the safety mechanisms fitted onto a crossbow to ensure a safe shoot. There are degrees of safety systems across all models. Most models require disengaging the safety lock before you can fire the arrow from a cocked position. Whereas others require different locks and sensors. So, attention to detail is required on your part. Better still, consult an expert, should you encounter any ambiguity during the buying process.


The faster your bow, the more likely, you are to hit your target. If you plan to purchase your crossbow, the velocity of the crossbow is important to maximize your chances of success. For fast-moving preys like deer, requires a minimum of 300ft/s to generate a sufficient speed & power to neutralize them. The Barnett Whitetail Hunter II exceeds this minimum hunting speed threshold.  For stationary targets, speed is not very important.

Draw Weight

The draw weight is the amount of force needed to pull the arrow back for a shot. Crossbows with heavier weights will fly faster in the air than lighter draw weights. Pro hunters often prefer heavier draw weights for deeper penetration and better wind-bucking traits. Though heavier weights absorb more energy and quieter to shoot. In all, you need to balance the draw weight with accuracy and fatigue, to reduce the level of ache on your arms.

Cocking mechanism

The crank-style cocker is best for all skill levels, strength, and physical abilities, also the best type for achieving higher accuracy.


Most moving prey is sensitive to any load shooting equipment. To maximize your chances of success, we advise you to go for bows with recurve or RDT designs as they have the quietest shooting operation.

Crossbow length

Slightly longer arrows are usually fine, shorter arrows are not because the tip could interfere with the crossbow rail.


As we detailed above, a woman who wants to choose the right crossbow has lots of points to consider before making a purchase. Most choices are more versatile for experienced users than beginners. People on a budget have more opportunities to make a suitable choice other than ending up with a low-end product. The good thing is that manufacturers are consistently designing new alternatives every day for ladies who want the best crossbows for their hunting exercise. Therefore, always go through our review section before making the best buying decision. On our part, we continuously update our review with any new development.

Frequently Asked Questions

q: What size of the crossbow to choose?

Most people think that the size of a crossbow is not a necessary feature. Crazy part? All your hunting games comes down to choosing the right size. Commonly used sizes are 20-inch and 22-inches in length. Then having a smaller size not only reduces the burden of weight but offers excellent mobility in the woods. Larger-sized crossbows can be troublesome in tight spaces. Simply put: the lesser a bow, the lesser fatigue on you would experience.

q: Which is the best crossbow?

There's no best crossbow, it all depends on the users' choice and budget. What makes a crossbow a great choice is the ease of use and functionality: a beginner or pro should be able to use it comfortably. Hence, the most crucial factor is to know the specifications of the bow you want and go for it. That's what makes the best crossbow for you!

q: How far can I shoot using a crossbow?

If you don't care about hitting a target, a powerful modern crossbow can shoot as far as 500 yards. For real hunting experience, up to 80 yards is possible for a very skilled shooter, though you should stick to a maximum of 60 yards, and preferably much less than that (30-35) if you are a beginner.

7 Best Crossbows For Women: Classified by Weight, Velocity, Draw Weight
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