How to Use Public Transportation to Hunt Public Land Near Big Cities

How to Use Public Transportation to Hunt Public Land Near Big Cities

Today, when someone means hunting, they mean going to private land to hunt certain animals or birds. But there are other interesting options, for example, public land hunting. It means that there is public land where hunters can hunt wild animals when it is allowed. It has become a pretty common thing these days, so this article is about tips on how to use public transportation to hunt public land near big cities.

Understanding the Law

One of the most important things is to be 100% sure that public hunting near your city is allowed. You need to take it seriously and perhaps, consult a specialist. To begin with, ask your fellow hunters if they know if such an option is possible in the area where you live.

How to Use Public Transportation to Hunt

The second great idea is to check the hunting laws in your state, city, or region. Moreover, understand that there are hunting seasons and off-seasons. Make sure to read the law on official websites, do not trust someone just because they seem to be confident in their words. Make sure you know the law so you won’t get in trouble. You can even consult officials to be 100% positive that you can hunt in the public land near your city.


Carpooling means sharing transport to get to a certain destination. If you are planning to go hunting with your fellow hunters or friends, organize transport for all of you. If the group is really big, consider ordering bigger transport.

The benefits of such a way of getting to the hunting land are pretty obvious – you share the transportation costs. Moreover, you won’t have to wait for anyone to arrive at the destination point. And of course, no one will get lost while traveling.

How to Use Public Transportation to Hunt

Another great benefit that you probably haven’t thought of is the reduced pollution caused to the environment. During the hunting season, all the hunters are doing the obvious thing – they gather to hunt. But it may create real problems for the environment – the level of pollution increases drastically. Moreover, when hunters get to the destination point one by one, it may even create traffic jams. Even officials encourage hunters to carpool.

Light Traveling

When going hunting, always take the most important things. Consider the following factors:

  • the longevity of your trip;
  • the environment;
  • the land;
  • how many people go hunting;
  • what are the animals in the area;
  • special needs.

The longevity of the trip affects how many things you need to take with you on the trip. You need a first aid kit, food, clothes, water, a tent with a sleeping bag if you go camping and hunting, etc. Make sure you have enough of everything but don’t take excess things.

The environment and weather are also two important things. You don’t want to freeze to death simply because you didn’t check the weather forecast. Note, it’s always cold in the mountains whether it’s summer or spring. Take clothes that will keep you warm. It’s also important to consider the land peculiarities – take a map with you even if you are sure that you won’t get lost.

The number of people is also important. If you are planning to share the responsibilities, food, etc. make sure you have enough food, medicine, water, etc., to satisfy your basic needs. Moreover, your first aid kit should include things that can help you in case you encounter dangerous animals. Check whether there are mites in the area, and what diseases they could spread. Take a bug repellant if it’s an active time for mites.

Public Transportation to Hunt

If anyone from your group of hunters has special needs, make sure you all are aware of them. Take special medicine and be well-prepared for an emergency. Even though it seems that considering the mentioned list it’s a lot of things, you would be surprised that many hunters take too many unnecessary objects.

If you go hunting and you aren’t planning on staying in the forest for the night, you don’t need a tent and a sleeping bag. Some hunters take too much food, even though most of the time they are hunting and not eating. There is a fine line between taking just enough, and not too many or too few things on your trip. It takes some practice.

Always Make Plans

Don’t take it lightly. If you know the land, you still can get lost. Take a physical map and draw your path so you won’t get lost. When making plans, keep in mind the peculiarity of the land. Make sure every person in the group has the basic knowledge of how to behave on the public land. Organize your trip carefully, consider every possibility. Make sure every hunter in the group knows their responsibilities.

The best idea is to create a checklist and stick with it. Consider another important thing – color-coding your hunting equipment. It’s extremely easy to mix everything when several hunters are using similar hunting equipment. In order to avoid such a situation, try to color code the equipment if it is possible. Or always keep it organized and in special bags.

How to Use Public Transportation to Hunt Public Land Near Big Cities
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