How to Use a Camping Stove

How to Use a Camping Stove

If you love camping, you are probably aware of the difficulties related to cooking. Most beginners believe that they can simply mantle a campfire and it will work as a place to cook food. In reality, it’s difficult to mantle a campfire. Sometimes you can’t make it burn, sometimes you make it burn but the food is half cooked, half raw.

How to Use a Camping Stove

Experienced campers know that you can’t rely on circumstances, it’s best to be well-prepared. To not starve to death, or to finish the trip too early, you can simply think about buying and utilizing a standard camping cooking stove. They are small and easy to maintain. If you are interested in this idea, check out the current article with tips on how to use a camping stove.

Canister Fuel Camping Stoves

One of the most popular types of camping stoves is the canister stove. It is considered to be a low-maintenance stove, which is screwed on top of the threaded top of a special self-sealing canister with fuel. The canister usually has two pressurized gas containers – one with isobutane and the second one with propane.

The typical benefits of a canister stove are:

  • The object has low weight – easy to transport.
  • Lights up quickly, nearly effortlessly.
  • Has a steady fire, easy to adjust.
  • Canisters are unsealed automatically when you unscrew the top – no leaks or accidents.

As for the cons, you can say that the top is too small to hold bigger objects, and it’s difficult to tell how much gas is left in the canisters. And one important thing – you will have to take care of empty canisters, they need to be recycled properly.

How to Use a One-Burner Stove?

Using one-burner stoves is as easy as using standard kitchen stoves. Usually, the instruction is attached on top of the stove. To begin, you need to:

  • make sure the stove is in the ‘off’ position, so it won’t start burning.
  • install the gas canister and lock it.
  • when the gas canister is inside and locked, switch the stove in the position ‘on’.

The burner will start burning, and you can adjust the fire as you wish.

How to Install a Propane Tank to a Stove?

Most models have the gas canister stored on the side of the burner. There should be a lock that enables you to open the container where you install the tank. If you switch it in the position ‘unlock’, you can move the container to the side. Put the gas tank inside, and then close the container. make sure to switch the lock to position ‘lock’.

How to Utilize Double and Triple Burner Stoves?

The idea of using two or three stoves is to prepare food quicker than with the one-burner stove. The technical details are pretty much the same as when you use a one-burning stove. Make sure to place your two or three-burner stove on a flat secured surface.

How to Use a Camping Stove

Install the gas canister, and make sure it is in the ‘lock position’. Depending on the type of stove you are using, you can have several cooking zones. For example, one stove is a low-heat zone, another is a high-heat zone. Most stoves work similarly, and usually, the instruction is attached on top of each stove in the form of stickers.

Gas Type To Use for Canister Fuel Stove

There is no best answer in this case, but you certainly need to know your options. Most cans consist of butane, isobutane, propane, or of different blends of mentioned gases. Most campers suggest that if you are going to cook in a cool environment, choose a propane can, or propane with isobutane (not butane). In other cases, the best choice is a can with a high level of isobutane (80%) mixed with propane (20%).

Canister Fuel Tank Time of Work

Typically, an 8-ounce canister works about three hours on high. You can buy a big canister and calculate how much time you can use it. Since you can’t tell how much gas is left in the can, you can calculate the approximate time of when you need to replace it.

How to Refill the Stove?

If you have run out of gas in the canister, you will need to replace the old can. To do so, open the container that holds the gas canister by unlocking the container. To unlock the container, switch the locker in the position ‘unlocked’. Then replace the old canister with a new one, and close the container. Switch the lock to position ‘locked’. Don’t forget to recycle the old can properly.

Liquid Fuel Camping Stoves

These types of stoves are run on white gas. Usually, white gas is either pure gas or with certain substances that make it stabilized. You won’t need to buy separate canisters every time you need to replace gas – you just need one special bottle that you can install in the liquid stove. Here are the advantages of using liquid fuel stoves:

  • You can see how much gas is left.
  • Can be used on any type of ground, even on an unsteady one.
  • More sustainable to low temperatures thanks to white gas.
  • No need to worry about recycling gas canisters.

As for the disadvantages, you can say that it requires a lot of maintenance. You will need to replace the rings on the fuel bottles at some point. Plus, you may spill the fuel since they aren’t automatically locked like gas cans.

How to Use a Liquid Fuel Stove?

Using liquid fuel stoves might seem a bit more difficult than using the canister stoves, but you simply need to adjust and get used to this type of stove. Here is what you need to do to start the fire:

  • connect the liquid stove canister to the stove as recommended in the instruction to your stove;
  • let a little bit of liquid fuel into the priming cup;
  • make sure to close the liquid stove canister so there are no gas leaks;
  • light up the priming cup and let it burn through the liquid-gas;
  • once the fire heats the metal tube, open the liquid stove canister so the fuel pours into the priming cup.
  • you should see a steady blue fire, that’s when you can start cooking.

The idea is to heat the metal tube, so when you open the liquid fuel can, the liquid gas evaporates and produces gas and heat. If you don’t see blue flames, then switch off the gas bottle, and let the liquid fuel evaporate a bit more, then switch on the gas again.

How to Use an “MSR Whisperlite” Stove

Just like any other stove, it is best to place MSR Whisperlite on steady ground. Then connect the gas can as mentioned in the instruction to the stove. Carefully start a fire and adjust it as you wish.

How to Use a “Coleman Dual Fuel” Stove

Coleman is one of the most popular camp stove manufacturers. They produce single stoves as well as dual and triple burner stoves. To properly use the Coleman Dual Fuel model, you need to:

  • make sure the stove is clean and undamaged;
  • install Coleman liquid fuel or unleaded gas to start the fire;
  • adjust the gas as you wish.

The fire will burn steadily, and your meals will be prepared quickly and cost-effectively.

How Long Can You Cook with White Gas?

You can store your canisters with white gas for literally years, but only if unopened. The moment you open the canister with white gas and start using it, you need to use it within a few months.

How to Use a Camping Stove

The white gas is almost clean, but with additional substances that make the gas last longer. It is relatively stable, which is why it can be used for months. The approximate time of use of an opened gas canister is no longer than 6 months. It’s best to replace your canister if it has been opened for more than half a year.

Wood Camping Stoves

If you don’t mind gathering your ‘fuel’, then you may consider a wood camping stove. This type of stove burns wood. Here are the many advantages of a wooden stove:

  • using a renewable source;
  • cheaper to use;
  • no need to carry the fuel – you can gather it.

The disadvantages are obvious – each time you have to spend time gathering wood, and if it’s raining, you may even be left without food.

Wood Camping Stove Usage

It has a container where you need to put the wood. It will slowly burn as you cook. Note, that you can’t use the wood stove in an area where fires are forbidden. You should also know that it takes longer to cook food when using this type of stove.

Camping Stoves Cooking: Safety Tips

If it’s your first time using a camping stove, then check these safety tips:

  • Always use any type of camping stove on a flat, secure surface.
  • Use a camping stove only on the open ground, not inside your tent. Moreover, make sure you cook a bit further from any objects that can catch fire.
  • Remove gas containers only when the stove is cool, not hot.
  • After each use, clean the stove.
  • Store the stove and gas containers in a dry, cool place.
  • Do not ever use a damaged stove – before use, check if your stove is not damaged.
  • Do not mantle any additional features or objects onto your stove. Any modifications are usually forbidden if you read the instructions.

How to Use a Camping Stove
As you see, it’s pretty easy to use a camping stove safely. Follow the instructions attached to your stove, and you will only have a positive experience.

How to Use a Camping Stove
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