9 Tips For Becoming A Better Rifle Shot

9 Tips For Becoming A Better Rifle Shot

Have you ever been wondering how to become a better shooter? Today, it’s a pretty common hobby to use bows or guns to shoot. People love the excitement of shooting and hitting the target. A lot of beginners start shooting only because of the popularity of this near type of sport, but then they get excited and committed to the task and want to learn how to be even more successful with a rifle.

9 Tips For Becoming A Better Rifle Shot

Some people begin to shoot at short-range, others decide to go further and master long-range shooting. It brings excitement and joy when a shooter hits the target. So, since you have started mastering the skill, how to shoot a rifle better? This article can help you a bit to figure out what skills you need, how to prepare yourself, etc. The tips and tricks are pretty generalized but yet effective and may help you notice the problem.

Selecting The Proper Equipment And Tools

The idea of shooting is to test the skills of a shooter, not other abilities. For example, many old-fashioned long range shooters claim that a good shooter doesn’t need the scope to hit the target. Of course, if they are able to hit the target from afar without a scope – they are legends.

But others claim that the scope doesn’t mean you immediately hit the target since you see it better. The scope doesn’t guarantee a successful shot, but it helps develop the skills. Moreover, the shooter feels much more comfortable when shooting. He or she can visualize the path of the bullet, how it will hit the target.

9 Tips For Becoming A Better Rifle Shot

Moreover, they see the conditions near the metal target. For example, you can tell the direction and the force of the wind. So, choosing the right equipment and tools is the key component of success. Try not to chew more than you can in one bite. If you are a beginner, accept this fact and buy the equipment, gun, and tools according to your needs, not to meet someone else’s expectations.

Practicing To Use The Rifle

So, how to become a better rifle shooter? The first thing to mention is practicing. Practicing also includes reloading the gun and using skills to shoot the target. Consider magazine reloading exercises to be aware of how to reload the rifle. This will allow your body to store the mechanical memory of weapon handling which may help you when you are hunting or in any defensive situation. It might seem like an unnecessary thing, but try to work on it.

Any knowledge or skill is basically useless without proper training. You can read and even understand the instructions of the tactical training process, but without actually performing these tricks, all the knowledge is just useless. Consider it this way, if you ever decide to go hunting, you will need your trained instincts rather than perfect knowledge of the shooting process.

9 Tips For Becoming A Better Rifle Shot

You can almost compare this process to boxing – the boxer can perform perfectly during a match and get a lot of points, but if his opponent knocks him out, it’s a done deal. You need to train as much as possible to develop your skills. The more you train, the easier you consider all the surrounding conditions, the faster you aim at your target, etc.

Practicing even includes controlling your breathing and emotions. It’s not a secret that you have to breathe when aiming – it’s the only sound way to shoot. If you hold your breath, you may end up missing the target when you breathe out.

The most successful shooters learn how to breathe during the shot and to still hit the target. And as for the emotions – if you fail, don’t let it go into your head. A failure doesn’t mean you won’t be successful later, so control your emotions and focus on the shooting process at all times. You should still know how to aim a rifle even if you are a bit discouraged because of the failures.

Figure Out The Best Rests

As it was mentioned, when you are training to become a better shooter, you test only your shooting skills. You don’t have to test your ability to hold the rifle or to be able to do gymnastics to hit the target.

To become a successful shooter, you need to have a rifle rest. Preferable, it should be as stable as possible. You have to feel comfortable at all times to be able to focus on the shooting process. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about anything except the bullet and the target. The rest should be stable and wide, so you can comfortably place the rifle and start shooting. It is much easier to develop your skills when you can focus only on the shooting process.

The Best And Most Common Position To Shoot

Most likely the best idea to practice is to utilize a ring fired type of rifle. It is affordable, but it’s not the only advantage – it has a similar weight and feels like a deer rifle and a brick of .22 LR ammo. It shoots paper at a distance of 50 yards.

It can even hit 2-inch squares of white cardboard. Lying down, you can easily find the best position. Low sitting should be almost as steady. Try utilizing three positions: legs crossed, ankles crossed and knees like a tent, comfortably spread feet, ground your heels.

9 Tips For Becoming A Better Rifle Shot

Try benefitting from all of these positions to see which one is perfect for you. It’s a great idea to try all positions to see which one allows you to focus on shooting rather than on the comfort of your body. If you feel comfortable while shooting, then you will most likely be hitting the target more frequently. Shooting position is essential in this case.

Learn How To Control Breathing

As it was mentioned, breathing is one of the most important factors when shooting. Many beginners keep making the same mistake – they hold their breaths instead of steading them. It’s important to breathe since breathing controls the body’s reactions. You may hear the pulse pumping in your ears if you hold your breath, which is not a great thing when you try to hit a target. You may miss it simply because of that.

Control Your Emotions

Controlling your emotions is also very important. Some people let success get into their heads and they lose focus, which results in not hitting the target multiple times. Others get angry that they can’t hit the target, as a result, they keep missing since emotions stand in the way of a clean shot. Don’t let your emotions mess with you, keep focused at all times.

Keep Focus In The Target

The process of shooting begins immediately after you take your rifle. The moment you take it, you need to be focused. Forget about everything except for your rifle, the bullet that will hit a target, and the target itself. Do not think about work or life while standing in a position. The shot begins long before you pull the trigger, and it ends only after the bullet hits the target. Be focused when you are on the field, forget about everything that is not related to the shooting.

Use The Right Rifle

Recently, rifle shooting has become sort of a sport where people compete to show their skills. More and more people decide to start shooting at a long range. The good news is that unlike in the past, today you can purchase the rifle that suits you perfectly as a beginner.

You can go to a store and ask a consultant what type of rifle to buy considering that you are a beginner. If you are attending shooting classes, you can actually ask your instructor for some good advice. Most likely, your instructor will mention the perfect model for you to purchase. Another great news is that most beginner rifles are very affordable.

Use Special Services To Learn How To Shoot

Yes, you can buy everything you need and learn how to shoot yourself by using tutorials. But are you sure it’s the best way to master the skill? First of all, if you subscribe to shooting classes, you get an instructor which is already a great deal towards success. Another important thing to consider is a specially equipped field.

When shooting in a specially designed space, you can hit targets made of different materials, train different ways of shooting, etc. And without a doubt, the most important factor, in this case, is safety. Instructors take care of their students, and people shoot in no trespassing areas. It means, you won’t shoot another person, which might happen if you, as a beginner, train in inappropriate places.

9 Tips For Becoming A Better Rifle Shot

If you are really into learning how to shoot, you can even hire a personal teacher so all the time will be dedicated to you. The idea is to start developing skills, and instructors have a ton of experience in teaching other people how to shoot.


It’s important to understand that shooting requires a lot of training and dedication. If you don’t start hitting the targets immediately, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon your hobby. Try investing a bit more of your time and efforts, and you will see better results.

9 Tips For Becoming A Better Rifle Shot
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