How To Fold A Sleeping Bag

How To Fold A Sleeping Bag

Without a sleeping sack, no traveler will go on a journey because a whole night’s relaxation guarantees endurance and strength, ensuring the success of the complete planned trip. Whichever model of bag you choose, you need to be able to fold it.

How To Fold A Sleeping Bag

Packing sleeping bags inside a backpack is similar to a story with a dismantled alarm clock: the place ran out, but numerous elements remained. The accurate placement of objects, including a sleeping bag, plays a significant role. Understanding how to fold a sleeping bag correctly will bring victory in the battle for a well-equipped hiking backpack.

How To Fold A Sleeping Bag In 5 Simple Steps

At first glance, there are no difficulties with promptly and successfully folding the bag and putting it inside a backpack — you can twist it into a roll and tamped it inside a folder. But the fact is that this technique requires an effort to pack the roll.

How To Fold A Sleeping Bag

When packing a sleeping bag, most amateur tourists attempt to twist it into a roll, which they then try to put in a conventional package carefully. This approach necessitates a lot of time, effort, and nerves and harms the sleeping bag insulation. Being tightly pressed into a roll, it smoothly folds over the complete area of the bag, comparatively promptly losing its heat-insulating characteristics. To avoid this, you can pack your sleeping bag in a few uncomplicated steps.

Step 1: Shake It Out

The primary steps of having your sleeping bag rolled up are pretty simple:

  • First, you need to spread the sleeping bag on the ground.
  • Shake it well. This way, you can get rid of dirt, food remains, and other elements that may have been there.
  • After that, you need to smooth the surface with your hands. It would be best if you did so to withdraw all excess air from the inside of the sleeping bag. As a consequence, it should be very flat.

Occasionally, adventurers may have a waterproof sleeping bag. Then it is better to turn the seamy side without. This way, it will be easier to get rid of the air in this type of napsack.

Step 2: Zip It Up

After that, you need to zip the bag. While fastening, you should gradually try to get rid of as much air as possible inside the sack. You can hold the zipper with one hand and level the material with the other. It makes it more comfortable to keep the sleeping bag level when you need to fold it.

Step 3: Fold It In Half

The following step in the correct technique of how to roll a sleeping bag is to fold it in half lengthwise. It is essential to make sure that all corners and edges coordinate perfectly. This point is important so that later you can fold the sleeping sack very tightly and place it compactly in a backpack with other devices.

How To Fold A Sleeping Bag

Do not try pre-rolling it or twist it in any way. Being located chaotically, the sleeping bag can quickly fit into a regular backpack. At the same time, the insulation does not get twisted in the same places, as in the case of this folding system.

Step 4: Roll It Up

The finishing steps are the most significant:

  • You can start rolling the sleeping bag as tightly as possible. It’s advisable to begin at the end of the sleeping bag, where the space for the head is.
  • At this point, it is crucial to continue to push as much air out of the material as possible.
  • When rolling the sleeping bag, you need to squeeze on it with your knees. It will help release air and keep everything tight.
  • If you follow all the steps, then the outcome should be a compact knot. After the sleeping sack is in the specialized cover, tighten the belts of the surface as firm as possible.


Hint: When you are attempting to discover how to roll a sleeping bag, you can find it challenging to complete this step. Consequently, you can wrap it around a tent pole. It can make it easier to curl the sack tightly and smoothly. If the bag has supplementary straps or special fasteners, it is essential to apply them when fixing the material.

Step 5: Stuff It In

The last step and you are ready:

  • You need to put the sleeping bag back into the unique cover from the kit.
  • The process is easy: you need to tuck the bag into the cover the way you fold a pillow into a pillowcase.
  • If your sleeping bag is fixed on different straps, you need to fasten them securely. It will save space in your backpack or travel bag.

When you return from your journey, make sure your sleeping bag is not soggy. You can clean and rinse by hand — at home in the bathroom. But the drying process can be long without a tumble dryer.

How To Fold A Sleeping Bag

Travel sleeping bag — an indispensable thing for tourists, fishermen, people who prefer an energetic lifestyle. Remember, a warm and dry sleeping bag is the key to your comfortable outdoor entertainment! In some cases, this is also an essential requirement for protected sleep. Therefore, choose your sleeping bag thoughtfully, knowing how to fold sleeping bag, store it correctly, and apply the accurate packing methods along the journey.

How To Fold A Sleeping Bag
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