Best Dog Tent of 2022 – Make a Good Buy for a Good Boy

Best Dog Tent of 2022 – Make a Good Buy for a Good Boy

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Are you seeking the best dog tents for everyday adventures? We researched more than 30 models available in 2023 and tested the best 6 side-by-side. If you want to bring your dog camping with you on your next camping adventure, then it’s a good idea to bring a separate tent for your dog. Here’s the deal: these tents will keep your dog indoors during the night, provide the shade and comfort that they need in order to feel safe in a new place, and make them just as relaxed as you are while camping. You want to be comfortable while you’re camping, so you should make sure your dog is also comfortable. These tents will help keep your dog dry and inside a cozy space that they can claim as their home!

Some dogs need to sleep in a separate tent, so they don’t feel claustrophobic or in a confined space. A lot of the time, it can get stuffy if you have your dog in your tent with you. If you keep them in their own separate tent as you would in your home, then they’ll be able to have a good night’s sleep and will have the energy to explore the area the next day.

ARTICLE DISCLAIMER -- Most manufacturers use lower quality material than use for regular tents for human. Additionally, there are different breeds of dogs by sizes, behavior or aggressiveness. Where one dog may live for their whole life, another may tear a tent apart during the first use. That’s why we didn’t consider durability as the important feature here.

Best Dog Tent for CampingPettom Pet Tent

Dimensions 45.3″ x 34.6″ x 28.3″
Waterproof Yes
Material 210D Polyester
Weight 2.8 lbs

The Pettom Pet Tent is a breathable tent with zipper doors that are easy to open and close. Mosquitoes won’t get in, but a cool breeze and fresh air will. It’s easy to pack up and put into a carryon bag. The high-quality flex fiberglass and 210D water-resistant polyester makes it an ideal dog tent to bring with you if you’re camping in a wet climate. The metal stakes will keep it sturdy and on the ground in case of any inclement weather, like strong winds or rains that will blow your tent. This is the best tent for dogs, especially big ones.

Our tested experience has found that it’s heavier than PorayHut or Alcott tent, so if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, you’ll want to take its weight into consideration. It provides a lot of shade, which is great for your dog especially if you’re going to be camping in a hot climate. It’s important to keep your dog cool! The waterproof floor will keep your dog dry and comfortable and prevent the growth of mold or any other unwanted things that can be deterimental to your dog’s health. There’s good ventilation and the tent is UV protected so your dog isn’t exposed to the sun.

  • Waterproof
  • Great ventilation
  • UV protected
  • Heavier than other dog tents

Best For a Big DogPorayHut Dog Tent

Dimensions 59.1″ x 59.1″ x 43.3″
Waterproof Yes
Material 210D Oxford
Weight 4.2 lbs

The PorayHut Dog Tent is easy to set up and breakdown within seconds, and is the best dog tent for a big dog. This is great so you can get exploring with your dog and not waste any time setting up or breaking down your tent. It’s a large dog tent which will provide your dog with the space it needs when you take your pet camping. It’s one of the best tents for dogs because of its 210D oxford PU800mm coating and waterproof material. The design allows your dog to have a 360-degree view of its surroundings, so it can see everything that’s going on. It’s made of eco-friendly, and chemical-free material, so your dog has the extra protection that it needs. The fiberglass rod is durable and will last a long time.

We’ve tested this product and found its special features to be that it’s lightweight and lighter than the Yolafe pet tent, so it’s easy to take with you camping. It has durable, reliable zippers that will last a long time, so you won’t have to continue replacing them. It has extra space so your pet can have the ultimate comfort while it’s camping with you. Its UV resistant material will keep your dog protected from harmful UV rays.

  • Lightweight
  • Reliable, long-lasting zippers
  • Spacious
  • Not as much ventilation as its competitors

Best Portable Dog TentBeatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel

Dimensions 32.5″ x 25″ x 19.5″
Waterproof No
Material Polyester
Weight 1.2 lbs

The Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel is the best portable dog tent which allows you to bring it with you on the move. We’ve tested this dog tent and our experience has found that it’s easy to set up as a popup tent. It unfolds and pops out in seconds, which is great if you’re quickly on the move and don’t have the time to set up a dog tent while you’re out camping. Simply take the tent out of its packaging and it will unfold itself into its shape.

On the downside, we’ve found that it’s made of cheap material, so it doesn’t have as many reliable zippers as the PorayHut dog tent or isn’t as waterproof as the Alcott dog tent. If you are looking for a cheap option or do not know if your dog is going to need a tent at all, but you still want to try, this will be the best choice for your first experience.

It’s not made of the best quality, so it’s probably better to use only a few times before finding a better replacement like the Pettom Pet Tent. It also doesn’t fold to its initial dimensions, so it takes a bit of maneuvering to put it back into its carry case. It luckily has mesh sides for better ventilation so your dog can be comfortable in a breathable tent. It won’t feel stuffy inside of the tent and can quickly adapt to its new environment.

  • Breathable
  • Popup, easy to set up
  • Cheap material
  • Doesn’t fold back to its original dimensions

Best Bang For The BuckAlcott Dog Tent

Dimensions 28″ x 35″ x 45″
Waterproof Yes
Material Nylon
Weight 1.5 lbs

The Alcott Dog Tent is the best bang for your buck. It’s 32” wide, 42” deep, and 30” tall, so it’s the perfect size to take 2 of your dog’s camping since it’s roomy enough! It’s very lightweight and weighs less than 1.5 pounds. If you’re traveling around a lot and expect to be walking or hiking with your dog, this tent will be easy to carry around because of its weight. You’ll barely notice it’s there! If you’re looking for a decent first tent for your dog to take with you when you go camping, then this is a great option. The 5 mesh windows allow for air circulation and ventilation, which is great if you’re taking your dog camping with you in warm weather.

We’ve tested this experience and found it has a waterproof floor. This is necessary if your taking your dog swimming in lakes or rivers when you’re camping. On the downside, it’s made of cheap, low quality tent poles. Even though it includes 4 ground stakes and a travel bag, it’s not made of the best quality so it’s probably better to use only a few times before finding a better replacement like the Yolafe Pet Tent, which has better poles and material.

  • Lightweight
  • Good ventilation
  • Poor quality

Best Waterpoof Dog TentYolafe Pet Tent

Dimensions 43″ x 43″ x 32″
Waterproof Yes
Material 600D Oxford
Weight 5.7 lbs

The Yolafe Pet Tent is the best waterproof dog tent that has plenty of space, so your dog has the best comfort when you take it camping. It’s made of oxford cloth with 600D PU coating, which means that it has anti-claw resistance from scratches and bites. This means your tent will last a long time and won’t suffer any wear and tear that you might find with the Acott Dog Tent.

Our tested experience has found that it’s waterproof and does well in rainy weather. Its damp-proof material means it won’t collect condensation that you might have with other dog tents. The single-sided double zipper keeps your pet inside and won’t open if your pet tries to escape. This will ensure you have an eye on your pet and won’t have to worry about your dog escaping when it smells a squirrel or a bird on the outside. On the downside, it’s the heaviest dog tent in the list because it’s so large (Outer spacious dimensions 43”43”32”, inner space dimensions 36”36”26”), which means it will take some extra effort to carry. It has reliable poles and zippers that are durable and will last a long time. Read the instructions carefully since it can be quite complicated set up.

  • Waterproof
  • Single-sided double zipper
  • Reliable poles
  • Heavy
  • Complicated to set up

Lowest Price on a Dog TentSunnyBlue Dog Tent

Dimensions 27.1″ x 9.8″ x 21.6″
Waterproof Yes
Material Oxford Fabric
Weight 1.1 lbs

The SunnyBlue Dog Tent has preferred Oxford cloth, a glass fiber rod, and a metal joint making it a strong and durable dog tent. It’s easy to set up with its foldable structure and it’s easy to carry around. There are no tools required in order to set up the tent, so you can simply pack it up and bring it with you without having to think about extra materials. The tent poles are made of durable fiberglass. Their design means they cross one another to add to the stability and durability of the dog tent. The open door allows for good ventilation and a lot of air flow.

Our tested experience has found that it unfortunately offers the lowest amount of space on the list, especially when compared to the PorayHut dog tent. If you have a small pet, you might want to consider this tent because it fits cats or a small dog/puppy. There’s a waterproof floor and body which means it won’t grow mold or have condensation which can ruin the material over time. It also provides UV protection to keep your pet out of the harmful rays of the sun.

  • Good for small pets
  • UV Protection
  • Waterproof
  • Not good for large dogs

Buyer’s Guide

There are certain features that are important to consider when you’re looking for the best dog tent. Firstly, how spacious it is inside and how much room the tent offers your dog is important. You don’t want your dog feeling stuffy or feeling like it can’t relax inside of its tent. It’s a new environment for your dog to get used to, so making sure it’s very comfortable is important.

You’ll also want a dog tent that’s waterproof. If your dog loves to swim in lakes and rivers, or if there’s rain, you’ll want to make sure that it won’t get ruined. Water can do some serious damage over time to your dog tent, so if you’re one step ahead in making sure that it’s not going to get ruined from water, then you can relax and feel comfortable with the realization that your dog tent will last a long time!

Additionally, you’ll want a dog tent with durable zippers that keep your dog inside of the tent. You don’t want your dog to escape during the night if it hears a sound or smells an animal in the woods! If your tent is sturdy and is made of good quality materials, then you can have a peaceful night’s sleep and know that your dog is safe and sound inside of its tent.

How to choose a tent for your dog?

You’ll want to choose a dog tent based on how big your dog is and your budget. The bigger your dog, the bigger of a dog tent you’re going to want to get. The roomier and more spacious the tent is, the more comfortable your dog will be. Think about it as if you were purchasing a tent for yourself! Your dog wants to be comfortable too. If you have a smaller dog, then you can purchase a smaller tent.

2 dogs in a tent

Additionally, if you plan on camping somewhere with rainy weather, or somewhere you expect your dog to swim in rivers or lakes, then you’ll definitely want to purchase a dog tent that’s waterproof. This will make sure your dog tent lasts a long time and won’t get damaged from water. If the tent has durable zippers, then you won’t have to worry about replacing them over time. This is an important feature to keep an eye out when choosing a tent for your dog, especially if your dog has a tendency to escape or somehow make its way out of crates or fences! That way, you can be sure that your dog will stay inside the tent overnight and won’t have to worry about it accidentally escaping if it smells another animal outside.


Picking a dog tent is a fun and exciting venture. It means that you’re going on an epic adventure with your dog to the great outdoors! If you’re on a strict budget, then picking the SunnyBlue Dog Tent is your best bet since it’s the most affordable on the list. The Pettom Dog Tent is the best dog tent for camping, because it’s waterproof, ventilated, and UV protected, all three major characteristics of a dog tent.

Dog and woman in the woods

If you’re camping in a climate with rainy weather, then you’ll want the best waterproof tent such as the Yolafe Dog Tent. The best all-around tent that won’t break the bank is the Alcott Dog Tent. If you’re going to be moving around a lot and want a tent that’s easy to carry with you, then you’ll want to grab the Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel. If you have a big dog, the PorayHut Dog Tent is the best tent on the list for big dogs. It will offer your dog the most space so it’s comfortable when you go camping!

Whichever tent you choose, you’re sure to have an amazing time exploring and hiking with your best friend. As long as your dog has enough room in the tent, is protected from the harmful UV rays from the sun and is staying dry in a tent with waterproof material, then you can be sure your dog will have a great time in a new environment. These are the best dog tents on the market that offer well-rounded features to make sure both you and your dog are having a comfortable and safe time.

Frequently Asked Questions

q: Should I wash my dog’s tent after each use?

You don’t have to wash your dog tent after each use, unless it smells heavily of wet dog or there are major stains. Use simple house materials like water and lemon to wash your tent. Make sure the dog tent is always dry and that your dog is as dry and clean as it can be before it goes into the dog tent. You can go a while without having to wash the tent, unless it starts to smell like wet dog over time. In that case, scrub the tent with gentle materials and let it air dry. That way, you’ll take care of the materials it’s made of and also get rid of the wet dog smell.

q: Are they machine washable?

Don’t put your dog tent into the washing machine. It can get ruined even on a gentle cycle. Using simple products to wash the tent is a much better option and will ensure that the tent stays in tact as long as possible.

Best Dog Tent of 2022 – Make a Good Buy for a Good Boy
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