How To Dodge Beginner Camping Mistakes

How To Dodge Beginner Camping Mistakes

When going camping, people sometimes make camping mistakes. Even experienced campers may make mistakes, especially if they get too overconfident and lose their focus. And if you are a beginner, it’s a great idea to prepare yourself for the experience by going through the most common mistakes.

Being Tardy

Don’t get late, period. If you are going camping, it’s always a great idea to go out in the morning. You have so many things to do – installing the tent, finding the source of water, going hiking, simply enjoying the scenery, etc. You can’t do that if you show up late. So, don’t be tardy.


One of the most common beginner camping mistakes is to overpack. Consider the following scenario – you won’t like camping. You decide that hiking is enough, and camping is not worth your time. What are you going to do with the equipment that you have bought for camping?
How To Dodge Beginner Camping Mistakes

So, the first rule – take only the basic important things like a first aid pack, food, water, protection, tent, and other tools that you will definitely need. Take your time, figure out whether you like camping, and then buy all other tools that you might need in the future.

Not Packing The Basic Tools

Not taking the first-aid package, forgetting to take the water filters when you don’t take enough water with you – the worst mistakes that you can make. Make sure to study the area you are going to camp, and consider all the tools and objects you must take to protect yourself. Consider finding camping gear for beginners in a local store, it might be useful when you go camping.

Buying Too Small Or Too Big Tent

Even if you see a 1-person sized tent that is big enough for both, you are wrong, two individuals won’t fit in there. If you are buying a tent, consider how many people are going to sleep in there. There are tents of different sizes, make sure you buy the appropriate one which will fit all the participants.

Relying On The Campfire

All the movies about campers that we see include episodes when people gather around the campfire and cook something, or eat marshmallows. It looks so attractive and even romantic, but the reality is different. What if you won’t be able to build a campfire, how are you supposed to survive without cooking?

How To Dodge Beginner Camping Mistakes

Another thing to consider – are you into raw meat? because that’s what usually happens when people cook meat in a campfire, it’s never fully prepared. You might not be able to find enough dry wood to light up the campfire. So, consider taking a lightweight camping stove so you and your companions won’t starve to death.

Not Knowing Where You Go

When camping, beginners believe that it doesn’t matter where exactly they will camp. Experienced campers are aware that the spot where they go camping is extremely important. It’s also important to have the amp of the area, with that spot marked. How are you not going to be lost if you don’t know where you are going? It’s the worst mistake campers can make.

Take Cash

You never know what can happen or what you might need. Of course, you can still predict things, that is why you should take cash. Some parks still are old-schooled and accept cash rather than bank cards, and you will need to pay an entrance fee.

Not Testing Tools And Crucial Objects

Imagine spending hours to get to the destination point, taking your tent, and it won’t install because it’s broken? It’s a nightmare kind of situation, and you definitely want to avoid it. Before you go camping, test every tool you take with you to avoid unpleasant situations.

Not Taking Weather Conditions Into Consideration

Depending on the area you are planning to explore, you need to prepare wisely. Have you ever been to the mountains before? It’s hot in the summer, just like everywhere where it’s hot. But did you know that the temperature drops drastically in the mountains? And did you know that sleeping on the ground, even in a sleeping bag is still extremely cold?

How To Dodge Beginner Camping Mistakes

Do not get frozen to death! Always take a safety blanket or two, don’t forget about the warm clothes, protect yourself from the cold. Even during the summer, you will get cold, so consider the weather conditions. Note, it’s always colder to sleep outside, even if you are protected by the tent.

Interacting With Wildlife

Frankly speaking, you simply shouldn’t interact with wildlife. Yes, birds and animals are cute, especially the smallest ones, but you shouldn’t offer anything, or try touching the animals. First of all, there is a certain balance in wildlife, every animal has to find food on its own. If they begin relying on people, it will ruin the balance.

How To Dodge Beginner Camping Mistakes

Second, you may harm those animals without even realizing it. For example, do you know that you should never touch a fawn? Well, now you know. Fawn’s mom leaves her fawns hidden in the grass to get some food to be able to feed them later. Fawns are born completely scent-free, so they don’t attract predators, especially considering that they sit in the grass quietly while waiting for their mom to come back.

If you touch a fawn, you leave your scent – and that means that the little one will 100% die. The doe will leave the fawn with the scent since she can’t protect it. So the little one will either starve to death or will be eaten by the predators. This is exactly why you should never interact with wildlife. Not to mention that you can get hurt as well. Have you ever heard about rabid foxes? Well, they exist, so don’t put yourself or others in harm’s way.

Not Predicting The Worst-Case Scenarios

You need a plan and it has to include every potential scenario. The best idea is to prepare yourself for the worst while hoping for the best. You can get lost, you can encounter wild and dangerous animals, you or your friends might get wounded, etc. Experienced campers prepare themselves for everything.

How To Dodge Beginner Camping Mistakes

First, find out about flora and fauna in your area. Are there snakes around you? Are you sure your hospital has the antivenom for all the types of snakes in the area? Can you get to the hospital in time? Is it the season of mating for snakes when they are extremely aggressive? Are there wolves, bears, foxes? Mites that spread dangerous diseases? Do you have an emergency blanket in case you get lost? Do you have enough food or water? medicine?

How To Dodge Beginner Camping Mistakes

As you see, there are so many things to predict. But most importantly, everything can be predictable as long as you consider every possible scenario, every danger that may put you and your companions into harm’s way.

Getting Dehydrated

Is it worth mentioning that humans can’t live without water? probably, yes, it’s worth mentioning – take a few gallons of water with you! It won’t cost you anything, especially if you are not going too deep in the forest, and you can park several cars nearby. Just take enough water, or take water filters. If there is a source of water nearby, you can simply take filters, but don’t rely on that too much.

Enjoy Every Moment

Yes, you have to be prepared and take everything seriously, but don’t forget about the joy of camping! Take photos, have fun, enjoy the peace and quiet, etc. Consider going hiking while you are camping, but be careful and protect yourself. Try to avoid interacting with wildlife, even if you really want to. Don’t put yourself purposely in the harm’s way, and try to predict every possible scenario.

How To Dodge Beginner Camping Mistakes
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