How To Store Skis During Off-Season

How To Store Skis During Off-Season

Any professional skier will say this – if you want to prolong the lifespan of your skis, you need to store them properly during the off-season. Yes, even if you use them just once in a while when visiting resorts, you still need to take care of the equipment that you use.

How To Store Skis During Off-Season

It’s a great idea to store skis in a specially designed bag. But there are many other important factors to consider. If you store your skis properly, you may save a lot of money on buying the new ones every single season. Check out the article about how to store skis during the summer season.

Summer Ski Tune-Up: What Is The Idea Of The Procedure?

During the season you are using your skies which affects them. You will notice scarred surfaces, perhaps, worn-out edges, and other flaws. Not to mention, skis surface gets horribly dehydrated. Most skiers prefer fixing the problem right before the season, which isn’t the best idea.

Before you put your skis in a bag to store for the summer, it’s a good idea to tune them first. If you store your skis without tuning, the situation will only get worse because of the further damage caused by heat and humidity.

How To Store Skis During Off-Season

Ski tuning is a process when a specialist repairs the basic damage, repairs the edges, and then washes the skis. Taking care of skis is just like taking care of your car engine – you do replace the oil and clean it, right? Well, skis also need cleanups, repair, and change of wax. As a result, after a tune-up, the skis are ready to be stored.

Tune-Up: Why Is It Necessary?

After any season of skiing, you will notice minor or major damage caused to your skis. It’s normal, and the life span of the skis can be prolonged if you properly take care of the ‘toy’. Even if it seems that skis are in more or less good condition, it’s still wise to take them to a specialist for the tune-up.

So, why do you need tuning up before storing skis? Several factors are essential:

  • Tune-ups help restore any damage caused by the active skiing season.
  • It works like a shield against any other potentially damaging factors.
  • Tuning up helps avoid further damage – when the surface is scarred, it will absorb the moisture which will damage the surface even more.
  • You save time before the skiing season.

Basically, the best way to store skis is to begin right after the end of the season. Take care of the skis to make sure there is no scarring or any other type of damage by tuning up the skis. It doesn’t require any effort from you – you just need to drop the skis at a specialist. Then you can organize the storing process for skis.

Where To Store Skis During Summer Season?

The best place to store your skis is the dry space. Even if you use a bag for skis, you still need to leave some space for the moisture to come out. So, if you store the skis in a bag, but leave them in a damp place, it will only damage the skis.

How To Store Skis During Off-Season

Most people store their possessions that they use only once in a while in the basement, in the garage, or in the attic. None of these spots are good for storing skis. If you want to prolong the lifespan of your possessions, then choose a dry space – the attic, basement, and garage are never dry.

You can store your skis under the bed since there is enough space and they won’t be seen. Design a special spot on the wall where you can display your skis – it’s a nice decoration idea. Hide skis in a closet or a wardrobe, basically, anywhere whether the temperature is normal and the environment is rather dry.

How To Store Skis And The Gear?

Just like your skis, gear needs to be prepared for the off-season. make sure to store your skiing gear and skis in one place. If you display the skis on the wall, choose a closet or other dry environment to store your equipment. Just choose a specific spot to store your equipment, so when the season comes, you won’t forget where you left your gear. And the most important rule – open a bag with skis a bit to let the moisture out.

Wrapping Up

So, how to store skis off season properly? There are several basic facts to memorize – tuning up, using a proper bag (and leaving space for moisture to leave the bag), and storing skis in a proper environment. As long as you take care of your skis right after the end of the season, and you store them in a dry environment, you won’t need a replacement for a couple of years.

How To Store Skis During Off-Season
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