The 8 Best Hammock Straps to Ensure an Entirely Secure Hang

The 8 Best Hammock Straps to Ensure an Entirely Secure Hang

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Looking for the best hammock straps for everyday adventures? We researched over 20 models available in 2023 and tested the best 8 side by side.

Hammocks are widely popular as a part of outdoor equipment among camping and hiking enthusiasts for decades. Regardless of how comfortable and advanced beds and mattresses get, hammocks are never going to be obsolete. They provide a better sleeping option than a tent or sleeping bag when traveling outdoors. Several studies have shown how the gentle rocking and the way hammock positions your body is better for your health and a good night’s sleep.

To make the most of your hammock, it is crucial to invest in the right straps and equipment to secure your hammock. Even if you buy a top-quality hammock, it would be of no use if you do not have the right straps to fasten it.

To enjoy a relaxing time in your hammock or get a good night’s rest on your camping trip, hammock straps should be good enough to provide you with the best suspensions. Hammock straps should be portable, light, and adjustable. We have researched over 20 hammock straps and picked the top 8 so that you do not have to. Here are the 8 best hammock straps of 2023 to choose from.

Editor’s ChoiceFoxeli Camping Hammock Tree Straps Set XL

Length (for 1 strap) 10 Feet
LBS (for 1 strap) 1000 lbs
Weight (for 1 strap) 0.66 lbs

The Foxeli Camping Hammock Straps XL made it to our editor’s pick because of their sturdiness, portability, heavy weight-bearing capacity, and good price. Foxeli Straps XL is light to carry. The storage backpack for the straps is light and portable. The entire set weighs only 1.2 lbs.

The Foxeli XL straps are good enough to hang your hammock between wide distances. The straps are 10 feet long, so it can easily bind poles or trees with a wide enough space between them. The manufacturer claims that the straps have a bearing capacity of 2,000 lbs. We tested the strap set to withstand 920 lbs and it worked well.

The XL size does not limit the straps to hang the hammock between large spaces only. The straps have 40 attachment loops to adjust the hammock in the desired position and length. The installation is quick and more comfy with numerous attachment loops.

The material and design of the carabiners are quite sturdy and durable. The straps are tree safe so a rugged tree trunk can’t damage them easily. However, the carabiners have a smaller size compared to the carabiners of other hammock straps on the list. Hence, they may not be compatible with all types of hammocks. In addition, the sharp edges of carabiners may ruin the hammock fabric or strap parts.

Overall, the strap set has very good durability, portability, and is quite affordable too.

  • Extra-long straps allow users to hang the hammock between trees or poles far apart
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The sharp edge of carabiners may damage some hammocks or straps
  • Carabiners are quite small

Most VersatileNature’s Hangout HangTight Hammock Straps

Length (for 1 strap) 10 Feet
LBS (for 1 strap) 1100 lbs
Weight (for 1 strap) 0.8 lbs

Nature’s Hangout is a renowned company that produces high-grade camping and hammock essentials and accessories. Nature’s Hangout HangTight Hammock Straps have great quality and available at an affordable price.

The rating of Nature’s Hangout straps is 700 pounds, which is less than that of Foxeli Straps but is still strong enough to accommodate two to three people. Each strap measures 14 feet, totaling to 28 feet with a 48 daisy chain loop. With this many loops, anyone can find the perfect height of the hammock according to their comfort level.

The triple reinforced stitching looks good and provides enough sturdiness to the hammock. The stitching with the flat loop gives extra support. The non-stretch polyester webbing is appealing and promises the durability of the 3/4inch thick straps. The carabiners are good and strong enough to secure the straps. However, some users have complained about having difficulty attaching the straps to the carabiners.

The material is heavy-duty yet lightweight. However, the complete set weighs 15 ounces and may not be very suitable for ultra-light packers.

We found Nature’s Hangout HangTight Hammock Straps to be the most versatile in our list. You can use it at a camping site, on your backyard, beach, and even as straps for climbing. It is perfect for anyone looking for budget-friendly, robust, and long-lasting straps for hammocks.

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • The straps are light-weight
  • The stretch may require to be adjusted again and again
  • The entire set may not be suitable for ultra-light packers

Easiest to use hammock strapsBusatia Tree Swing Straps

Length (for 1 strap) 5 Feet
LBS (for 1 strap) 1102
Weight (for 1 strap) 0.6 lbs

Here is another appealing and budget-friendly product in the best hammock straps category. For those who want hammock straps that are the quickest to adjust, Busatia Tree Swing Straps are ideal. Busia tree swing straps measure 10 feet long and can hold up to 1102 pounds.

The material of these straps is 100% polyester with a reinforcement design for safety. The straps are also water repellant and weather resistant. The swing straps do look durable but have slightly lesser quality than others on our list.

Unlike other hammock straps, Busatia tree swing straps do not have any adjustment loop. This makes the set up easiest and quickest but gives little options for height adjustment.

We tested the product and found it suitable to hang a hammock at the beach, patio, or backyard. Although the material of straps is not of cheap quality, it does lack the sturdiness and strength you need for camping and hiking setting. Otherwise, if you have comfortable camping conditions and you are not after something to support you in extreme conditions, then the Busatia Hammock Straps can do a fine job.

  • Very quickest and easiest to setup
  • Budget-friendly and simple
  • Only suitable to wrap around the trees
  • Has no adjustable loops

Best for BackpackingRalt Hammock Tree Straps

Length (for 1 strap) 10 Feet
LBS (for 1 strap) 1000
Weight (for 1 strap) 0.7 lbs

The Ralt Hammock Tree Straps are among the best straps for hammocks in terms of strength and portability. The strap material comprises tubular webbing of 100% polyester, which is also non-stretch. We found these straps to provide ultimate support and safety as each of the loops has a backing of the second bar of tack stitch. The total of 36 combined loops gives great options to adjust your hammock to the desired height. The daisy chain loops are easy to install as well. Each strap measures 10 feet long so it can safely suspend the hammock between 20 meters of space. The entire set weighs only 11.5 oz, so it is great in terms of backpacking. We found that Ralt Hammock Tree Straps provide better stretch and elasticity than usual straps.

The Ralt Hammock Straps are among the best tree straps for a hammock. They are light-weight, compact, easy to adjust, sturdy and our only complaint is the unavailability of carabiners in the set.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Stretch resistant and sturdy straps
  • Do not come with carabiners

Best bang for the buckWise Owl Outfitter Straps for Hammock

Length (for 1 strap) 10 Feet
LBS (for 1 strap) 1102
Weight (for 1 strap) 0.6 lbs

Owl Outfitters usually do not disappoint when it comes to camping and hammock equipment. Owl Outfitters is known for manufacturing products that feature quality and convenience.

Wise Owl Outfitters Straps for Hammock are thick and sturdy. The straps have strong polyester filament webbing that is also resistant to stretch. The quality of the straps is visible, with the reinforced stitching connecting the loops. The straps are 20 feet long with 38 daisy chain loops, 19 on both the side. They are also 1-inch thick and tree-friendly.

Wise Owl Outfitters hammock straps are among those with the lowest price in the market but do not compromise on the quality. The free carabiners have good design and material, but they are not lockable.

The set weighs 15 ounces and so may not be suitable for ultra-light packers. It has a rating of 400 pounds, which is not the strongest, but satisfactory for most people’s requirements.

With all the necessary features, low price, and a durable and sturdy material, Wise Owl Outfitters Straps could be on number 1 in the best hammock straps if it was not for the heavyweight and nonlockable carabiners. These hammock straps are a good choice for beginners or experienced campers who need easy setup and aren’t after locking carabiners and high-load rating.

    • Great price
    • The material of straps is very strong


  • The carabiners are not lockable
  • Heavyweight and not very suitable for light packers

Best Budget OptionPro Venture Tree Straps

Length (for 1 strap) 8 Feet
LBS (for 1 strap) 600 lbs
Weight (for 1 strap) 0.7 lbs

Pro Venture Tree Straps are the best hammock straps that you can use with trees and also suit modest budgets. The webbing polyester system is nearly the same quality as other hammock straps have. The daisy chain of 30 loops provides several height-adjustable options. The straps are available in 8 and 11 meters of length. The total length of 22 meters of the straps is good enough to hang the hammock safely between a 20-meter distance.

There is also triple stitching of every loop that gives enough support and safety to the hammock. Pro Venture straps are water repellant and stretch resistant. The thickness of one inch supports not only the hammock but also the trees to hold your weight.

Pro Venture Tree Straps for Hammocks have a weight rating of 400 pounds. The rating is good enough to accommodate one to three people safely, depending upon their body weight. The straps weigh 12 ounces, so they are average when it comes to being light-weight. The hammock straps from Pro Venture are available in three colors blue, orange, and white.

  • Very easy to setup
  • Very reasonable
  • May only support trees, not suitable to attach to a rock
  • May not suit ultra-light packers

Best Budget OptionHammock Sky Hammock Tree Straps XL

Length (for 1 strap) 10 Feet
LBS (for 1 strap) 600
Weight (for 1 strap) 0.6 lbs

Hammock Sky is one of the most popular hammocks selling companies. They also manufacture accessories and equipment for hammocks that are good in quality and function. Hammock tree straps from Hammock Sky have satisfactory quality along with necessary features for a secure hang.

A set of Hammock Sky straps have the least amount of hardware. The straps are simple with no complicated knots, so very simple and quick to set up. The extra-long straps are 10.17 long, so give a safe space of 20 meters for hanging the hammock with larger and thicker beams or posts.

The straps have simple S-shaped hooks that can fit all types of hammocks, including those with larger end-loops. However, the straps do not have several adjustable loops to achieve your desired height. You have to tie the straps at a comfortable height.

The weight capacity of these straps is 1200 pounds, which is good for the price. Moreover, it can suit most people’s requirements. The straps are available in two colors, Forest Brown and Sunset Gold.

Overall, the hammock tree straps from Hammock Sky are satisfactory and reasonable in terms of the features and price. We tested and found that carabiners are a bit weaker, but the straps are very strong and durable. If you are not after fancy features like several adjustable loops and lockable carabiners, get this for camping on your patio or backyard.

  • Easy to set up no fancy or complicated tools required
  • The straps are very thick and strong
  • Does not have adjustable loops
  • Carabiners are a bit weaker

Mallo Me XL Hammock Straps

Length (for 1 strap) 10 Feet
LBS (for 1 strap) 1000
Weight (for 1 strap) 0.6 lbs

Mallo Me is one of the most popular camping equipment and accessory manufacturers. Most adventurers turn to the brand to get gear for their hiking adventures. The logo of the company has imagery of roasting marshmallows by the campfire. Mallo Me offers a wide variety of products for traveling and adventure trips. One of their best-selling merchandise is the XL Hammock Straps set.

The straps are made of 100% no-stretch polyester webbing material. The straps are strong, stretch-resistant, and so are very easy to hang without any snapping. We tested the Mallow Me XL strap and found the strap and loop’s material and design to be sturdy and good for installation.

The 24 feet long straps have 40 attachment loops, 20 on each side. The loops make the straps easy to secure the hammock and have no complicated knots that can be time taking to set up. The straps have a daisy-chained loop system making the straps super easy to adjust the height of the hammock. The straps’ length of 24 feet is good enough to suspend the hammock by points that are 25 feet apart.

The quality of carabiners is moderate, not too cheap, but not particularly high-quality. The carabiners can work well; however, you may need to use better ones if you go camping quite often for longer periods.

We tested the Mallow Me XL strap and found the strap and loop’s material and design to be sturdy and good for installation. These straps from Mallo Me could be on top of the list of best straps for a hammock if it did not have a high price and low carabiner quality.

  • The straps are heavy duty and stretch resistant
  • The set comes with two free carabiners and storage bag
  • Price higher than the competitors offering the same features
  • The quality of carabiners is not as good as others and may easily break

What to Look in a Best Hammock StrapDurability and Strength

Durability is a key factor when it comes to buying the best straps for your hammock. The durability ensures that the straps are going to last long. When you are camping outdoors, the last thing you would want is that the straps break while you are sleeping. The straps can withstand more weight and swing if they are durable.

Length and Thickness

Bigger and thicker straps tend to be stronger and durable in the long run. Thin straps are not tree-friendly. You need straps thick enough to fasten the hammock to any surface. However, extra-thick straps can be very bulky to carry.

Hammock Strap on a Tree

Another important feature of the straps is the length. You do not know how far apart your anchor points will be, so each strap should be 10 feet longer or more.

Maximum Weight Holding Capacity

Here is a rule of thumb: get hammock straps that can support twice your body weight. If you are 150 pounds, you should get straps with a minimum rating of 300 pounds.

Ease of Setup

Hammock straps these days have either a ring lock system or a daisy chain system of loops. Although you can get straps that you can just tie around any tree or pole, it is always better to have straps that give you the convenience of setting up.

Carabining a hammock strap

The daisy chain system may cost you a little more, but it provides great options for height adjustability and also a sturdy and strong setting of the hammock.


While it is important to find straps with the best features, you do not want to go over your budget, especially when you are going to travel. You can easily find hammock straps that are durable, have good ratings, are long enough, and come at a very affordable price. Most of the straps in our top picks are reasonable and budget-friendly.

Wrapping Up

Here were the 8 best hammock straps we selected for you on the basis of durability, weight, length, and price. We also outlined the most important features you should look for when buying hammock straps, and addressed some common questions surrounding hammock straps.

Frequently Asked Questions

q: How do you hang hammock straps on the hammock?

There are several methods for hanging hammock straps. The kind of hammock and straps you have, as well as where you intend to use them, determines the way you should hang the hammock. Some straps do not have any hooks, adjustments loops, or buckles, and you simply need to tie them to trees, poles, rocks, or any solid supporting surface. There are several ways for tying knots on your hammock straps. Make sure you know how to properly tie the straps so that they don’t open, which can lead to a nasty fall while you’re sleeping. Otherwise, it is best to get straps with hooks and loops for tying the hammock.

q: How long should hammock straps be?

As you do not know how far apart your anchor points will be, it is ideal to buy straps that are at least 10 meters in length.

q: Where do you hang a hammock?

There are many indoor and outdoor places you can hang a hammock. If you find a perfect spot between two trees, then you should definitely hang your hammock there. Even if the trees are wide apart, if the straps have a good length, you can easily utilize that space as well. However, when camping or hiking, you are not always lucky enough to find a space between two trees.

Look for any poles, rocks, or anything that has a height and can support your weight on the hammock. If you cannot find two surfaces to secure the hammock, you can use your vehicle as an anchor point too.

q: How do you tie a hammock rope?

There are many ways to tie a hammock rope. You can choose any of the following methods depending on how strong you want to tie the rope of the hammock and the kind of rope you have. o Square knot o Clove Hitch o Bowline o Fishermen’s knot o Figure-8 shaped knot o Water knot o Rolling hitch

The 8 Best Hammock Straps to Ensure an Entirely Secure Hang
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