Best Scuba Masks Reviews of 2022 – Our TOP 6 picks and Buyer’s guide

Best Scuba Masks Reviews of 2022 – Our TOP 6 picks and Buyer’s guide

When purchasing a scuba mask, you will have to keep in mind some essential features. You must also be aware of the best scuba masks present in the market. So keep on reading to find out more about these masks and how to ensure you end up with the best one.

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Cressi F1, Scuba Diving Snorkeling Frameless Mask

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OCTOMASK - Compatible with Gopro - Dive Mask for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

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TUSA M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask

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One of the essential pieces of equipment used in diving is a scuba mask; it helps in keeping water out of your nose and allows you to see better underwater. Finding the best scuba mask that fits you can make all the difference between a comfortable underwater excursion and a frustrating dive. This component is, without a doubt, essential gear for your trip.

Cressi F1

Coming from a well-known brand that specializes in diving equipment and water sports, Cressi F1 is a mask that guarantees exceptional quality at an affordable price range. For just under $30, you can get an affordable range dive mask that features an innovative design and is extremely handy.

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This Frameless mask is incredibly adored by many divers due to its design and low-profile. Its ability to get folded flat, even in a BC pocket for easy carrying has made it very famous. This mask has an ultra-comfortable fit that is perfect for narrow and small faces; this fit does not leave any kind of mark around the eyes due to the super-soft material used in its making. You can choose from the different colors present and pick the one more suited to your face.

  • Frameless design with high-grade silicone skirt
  • Wide split strap for a good fit
  • Wide-field view
  • Single tempered glass lens

  • An excellent mask with many features
  • Works perfectly underwater
  • Very reasonable and comes with a protective box
  • Fits perfectly on small and narrow faces

  • Comes with a fogging problem
  • Not made for people with big heads

OctoMask GoPro Hero5 And Session Dive Mask

Octomask is a well-designed diver’s mask. It provides the user with a great way of capturing video footage of their diving experience without the use of hands. With this mask, you can look at all your memorable moments once you are done diving.

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With other masks, you will have to hold dive lights or check dive computers, and this keeps your hands occupied; however, with Octomask you can capture moments and move your hands and enjoy the water. OctoMask manufacturers wanted to make your dive enjoyable and aim to provide you with an easy way of reliving your best dives. The masks and camera mounts are made of the highest quality materials and provide you with maximum durability and comfort.

  • Available in two models; standard and frameless
  • Tempered glass
  • Prescription lenses can be installed
  • Ability to fit various face shapes

  • Provides the user with hands-free video and photo footage
  • A good alternative to GoPro head strap as it remains fixed on your head so you cannot lose it easily.
  • Has smart designs and good features
  • Reasonable price compared to the features it has

  • The mask strap is thin, and you will have to replace it
  • The size of the strap can be small for some heads

TUSA M-1001 Freedom HD

Tusa M- 1001 has a wide field of view and various colors. You get bright and vibrant colors for the framed and frameless version of the Tusa mask. If you are not a fan of the panoramic view, then you can opt for a framed mask and get more color choices than the frameless one.

This mask comes with buckles that can get rotated to 180 degrees without any sign of getting broken easily. Tusa 1001 also fits comfortable on different face shapes and sizes. The design of this mask is such that it has the ability to fit wide and long noses without making it feel uncomfortable. The silicone skirt on this mask prevents any leakage, however; it does extend all the way up to the user’s forehead.

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Tusa mask is a great choice for users looking to grab a long-lasting mask with a wide field of view. With this price point, this mask provides you with increased visibility and style making it worth your investment.

  • Long lasting
  • Durable
  • Wide-field view
  • One single large lens

  • This mask has a variety of colors
  • It provides the user with a comfortable fit and a wide viewing range
  • Tusa also has a huge single lens that is present near the face to give you a wide vision field
  • It also has rotating buckles and is durable

  • This does not work if you wear two different prescription lenses on both eyes.
  • It is slightly pricey

Kraken Aquatics Snorkel Dive Mask

To make the most of your scuba excursion and snorkeling experience, a high quality mask such as this one is essential. One most important feature of a good mask is the skirt since it keeps water out of your face; many inexpensive masks have a plastic skirt, and this makes them cheap and uncomfortable. However, with Kraken masks, you get a high quality silicone skirt. This helps in keeping water away from your face and also makes your adventure more comfortable.

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With this mask, you can enjoy the underwater world and have fun without worrying about the durability of the mask. The sturdy construction on Kraken ensures that you can use it on a daily basis without any issues. This mask is a premium quality, well-designed mask present in an affordable price range. You can choose from three different mask colors including clear and light blue, black and red and black and black.

  • Leak-proof silicone skirt
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • One-piece lens for an unobstructed view
  • Tempered glass lens
  • Convenient buckle for easy adjustment

  • Scratch proof and fog resistant
  • The lens is made from tempered glass
  • Has a watertight seal
  • Very comfortable
  • Made from a soft silicone material

  • The glass is very close to the face
  • Not ideal for a small face and a big nose

ScubaPro Solo

ScubaPro is one of the most famous names when it comes to scuba gear; the reason being their innovative and useful designs. Its ultra-soft skirt ensures that the mask incorporates unique rigidity and allows the mask to not only fit perfectly on your face but also seal it completely. ScubaPro’s technology achieves this perfect seal by using a single high-quality silicone.

However, the single silicone is used with two different thicknesses that ensure a seal proof mask. Near the mask frame, the silicone used is of a thicker consistency and is firmer. This provides better support, a matte finish, and rigidity. Where the mask contours the diver’s face, the silicon used is thin. This makes the mask softer and allows the double-feathered skirt to contour itself to your face and give it a perfect seal and a unique it.

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With this price point, ScubaPro Solo offers great features. With an easily adjusted swivel buckle system, you can find a more personalized fit. To increase comfort, the one hand nose pocket is easy to reach; this allows the user to equalize the pressure of their ear even with thick gloves.

  • Dual lens
  • Tempered glass
  • Teardrop design
  • Wide field of vision
  • Ultra-clear mirror glass

  • Can fit any face shape
  • Has unique rigidity that perfectly seals it and provides comfort
  • Has a wide split silicone strap
  • Maximum intake of light and underwater vision
  • Comes with a protective mask box

  • Larger in shape and can disrupt with maneuvering in small spaces
  • Pricey

Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba Mask

With Phantom Aquatics’ innovative design, you can enjoy your deep water adventures in the best way possible. Enjoy the clear crystal view through its patented designs and the seamless side windows. This mask helps in keeping water out of your face both in the water and when on the surface.

The silicone present provides the user with the utmost comfort and resistance-free swimming for hours. This mask comes in various different colors, and you can choose the color that you like the most.

The crystal clear view through the single-lens design makes this an ideal mask for scuba divers. The double sealed silicone skirts make sure that this mask can be work for an extended period of time without any discomfort.

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The seamless side windows provide the user with a panoramic view, and the hyper allergenic silicone mouthpiece makes this mask a perfect fit. The bottom purge valve present on this mask clears water out. Due to its flexible design, you can say goodbye to an uncomfortable diving experience.

If you are looking for an uninterrupted view of the aquatic scenery and life, then Phantom Aquatics Scuba Mask is the perfect gear for you.

  • Silicone mask
  • Single lens design
  • Seamless side windows
  • Double sealed silicone skirts

  • Crystal clear panoramic view
  • A personalized and comfortable fit
  • Innovative and breathable design
  • A flexible tube and a hypoallergenic mouthpiece
  • 6 different color options

  • The design is not fit for all shapes and sizes
  • It can also be uncomfortable for a wider nose

Best Scuba Mask Buyers Guide

Why Need A Diving Mask?

Having the best diving gear will definitely help in enhancing your underwater experience and taking it to the next level. Your mask is without any doubt one of the essential elements to consider when planning an underwater trip.

No matter how tough you are, having salt water enter your eyes can make your entire trip uncomfortable. However, when buying a scuba mask, you will have to look at certain features and spend time finding the right one. Some scuba masks are not sealed proof and because of this water can enter your eyes easily.

Keep reading to find more about the features of these scuba masks and which one to choose.

The Proper Fit

No matter how attractive a mask looks on display at the store or online, if it doesn’t fit your face, then this mask is not the one for you. The mask that you buy must be properly centered on your face and be comfortable before you tighten the straps. Try not to make the strap very tight since this is something most people do.

Making the strap very tight can increase the chance of leakage. Your mask must sit firmly on your face, but it shouldn’t be too tight against our head. The strap must be placed around the middle of your head; if it is too low or too high, then the water pressure must be consistent so that your mask remains in place.

Once you have gotten your mask fitted properly, take a deep breath and dip yourself under water. This will help in making the right adjustments and avoid even the slightest leak and discomfort.


There are two materials used in a scuba mask; plastic and silicon. Inexpensive and cheap masks come with a skirt made from plastic. These skirts are not at all flexible and do not seal your face properly. They also do not last long and are not durable.

On the other hand, silicone masks are a much better option. They are highly durable; they seal your face completely, have more stretch and can be used easily for 5 to 10 years. Most masks sold today are made from silicon; however, when buying these make sure to look for packages that say silicon clearly.

High And Low Volume

The question arises; what does the volume of a mask have to do with diving? A high volume mask is farther away from your face, and because of this, it allows more air inside. A high volume mask also has more buoyancy. On the other hand, low volume mask comes with less trouble in sealing and less buoyancy and leverage.

A low volume mask is easier to cleanse water out from and can be easier to use. However, one shortcoming of a low volume mask is that has less visibility. If you prefer to free dive, then you will notice that low volume mask have less pressure as you go down.


Most premium quality snorkeling masks come with lenses made out of high quality resistant glass and not from plastic. There are many different numbers of lenses available today. The number of lenses your mask has can affect several things such as the way it fits and the vision you get. It also affects the volume of air that can get inside the mask.

Many manufacturers claim to have “no fog” lenses, however; this is not always true. If your lens accumulates fog and disrupts your dive then try to get it fixed at the scuba gear shop. Some masks have a special coating over their lense that tends to reduce the glare because of water. Also for those divers who have weak eyesight and wear glasses, you can get prescribed masks made according to your need as well.

Lens Angle

There are different types of masks, and they offer either less or more peripheral vision. Also, the different shapes of masks provide you with different angles as well. The lenses and frame of today’s modern designed masks do not run the same angle. The angle is raked in at the bottom, and this helps in reducing the internal volume.

It also helps in improving the field of view; allowing you to see properly below. By raking the angle, the frame goes back towards the cheekbones and out of the visibility range. This makes it easier to view downwards and also prevents the need to move your head forward and look below.

Mask Skirt

The material that the mask skirt is made of is very important. The main function of this skirt is to act as a seal, and this keeps the water away. Nowadays, silicone skirts are the best option present; they are not only comfortable to wear but also seal properly and keep it waterproof.

Silicon skirts can be more pricey as compared to rubber and plastic, but they are also long-lasting and more durable. This makes them worth the extra bucks. Some high-end scuba masks come with two layers of skirting; one is the primary layer, and there is another second layer under it. This ensures that there’s no leakage at all and provides with a proper seal.

Mask Frame

There are 6 different types of mask frames depending on the number of lenses. These mask frames are:

  1. Classic

A classic scuba diving mask is a traditional mask and has a single big lens to look from. In this mask, there is a separate place for your nose, and this is very high volume. This mask, however, is very poor in sealing your face and water can easily seep in.

  1. One Lens Mask

Another common type of scuba masks is these, one lens mask. They have a nose pocket and allow an unhindered view. One issue with these scuba masks is that they do not have enough room for the bridge on your nose.

For this reason, you must opt for a split mask as it will not allow the mask to press on your nose. Also with the water pressure, one lens mask will feel very uncomfortable.

  1. Two Lens Mask/Split Mask

A split front window of this mask will allow more space for your nose bridge. It will also provide you with less air in the mask hence lower volume. This mask is a much better option than one lens mask. Even though the divider in the middle can be slightly annoying, but once you get used to this mask, your mind will start to ignore the divider.

  1. Three or Four Lens Mask

Another option is the side windows present in three or four lens mask. These windows give you a better vision and also allow more light to enter your eyes. This helps in eliminated any claustrophobic feel you can get. These side windows help in increasing the air volume of these masks, and you can look around in a more natural way.

  1. Frameless Mask

As the name suggests, these masks have no thick frame handing around it. This makes the lens be placed near to your eyes and also enhanced visibility. Since there is no frame on them, the silicon skirt is attached to the lenses directly; this makes these masks foldable. You can easily carry these scuba masks with you or use them as a backup.

Some of these frameless masks get so small after being folded that they can fit your back pocket with ease.

  1. Buckles And Straps

Most premium quality masks come with a silicone strap. This strap allows the mask to be strapped to your head easily and maintains contact between the skin and the skirt. Using silicone material helps in providing the mask with flexibility and stretch. It also doesn’t move with your movement or allow water to seep in.

Since everyone has a different head shape and needs a unique fitting, the straps must be adjusted. For this adjustment to take place, you can make use of a buckle system. A small buckle system is attached to the masks frame and has a flap that holds the taps of the strap together; this flap is spring loaded and allows the user to tighten the strap and prevent it from loosening up.

The buckles are also very rigid and do not allow it to move with movement. Some expensive diver’s mask comes with push buttons to allow the strap to get released and adjusted. Fitting the mask to your adjusted size helps in reducing stress, provide better mobility and helps the skirt to seal better.


Mask Fog

Most divers mask tend to fog easily especially if you have invested in a frameless mask design that is too close to your eyes. The reason behind this fogging is due to the thin film of separation agent left on your mask. This film is very common and is left behind due to the manufacturing process and the silicone residue.

Some mask models leave the production line with pre-applied defog. For other mask models, you will have to learn how to treat your mask before using it for the first time. If you do not treat it beforehand, your mask will fog up no matter how much anti-fog product you use.

To get rid of this fogging you can apply toothpaste on your mask’s lens and leave it overnight. In the morning you can wash away the toothpaste and your mask will be fog-free. You can also temper with the glass by taking it to a professional, and this will fix the fogging issue in no time.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we’ve mentioned the best scuba masks available in the market. If you are just starting out with diving, then you are now aware of the different types of masks available. You can also do your own research and find out more about these masks. We have also explained why a mask fogs and how you can get rid of this problem.

Hope our scuba mask buyer guide was of use to you. Make sure that you invest in the best scuba mask; do your own research before buying the mask most suited to your need. No two divers have the same preferences and needs. To find the best scuba mask for yourself by using our article as a guide and enjoy your underwater adventures!

Best Scuba Masks Reviews of 2022 – Our TOP 6 picks and Buyer’s guide
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