15 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks of 2022 Reviews

15 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks of 2022 Reviews

In this article, we’ve reviewed the top 15 Best Full Face Snorkel for your benefit. The guide mentioned at the end will answer any questions that may arise in your mind. These 15 Best Full Face Snorkel Mask are the ones that you must check out before you make any final purchasing decision!

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Unigear 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

Dry snorkel technology
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Palong Full face Snorkel Mask

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Shark’s Tooth Snorkel Mask

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Love going underwater and exploring the beauty of marine life? Snorkeling is a fun activity that enables you to delve into the magnificence of marine life. What’s more, the best thing is that it doesn’t require any expertise or preparing—you just need to figure out how to swim and inhale through a snorkel when underwater and you’re ready!

Before buying the Best Full Face Snorkel Mask, you should know what kind you are buying. Their specifications and features differ from each other. The number of Full Face Snorkel Mask in the market is very large; thus it can be a bit difficult to buy a mask which suits your needs and requirements.

Shark’s Tooth Snorkel Mask

The main thing about Shark’s Tooth snorkel mask is the staggering view. It has a flat 180-degree view. In contrast to alternate models, it includes a rainbow lens that give you a staggeringly striking picture.

This lens gives you an HD-perspective of what is happening under the ocean. You see everything in splendid, distinctive hues not ready to be seen through a polycarbonate lens. Furthermore, it is UV-400, so you will be shielded from the light whether on ocean or land.

The breathability of this snorkeling mask is upgraded by a snorkeling tube that is longer and more extensive than regular snorkeling masks. It includes a dry top design to keep water out of your cover. This design enables you to dive even more than three-feet while keeping the water out of the mask.

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The mask has a one-of-a-kind breathing system that utilizes an outer chamber. This is situated outside of the lens, which implies you never breathe within the viewing area. In addition to the fact that this prevents fog, you don’t need to stress over your very own hot breath pestering your face while you dive!

Another creative element of this snorkeling mask is its protected fit structure. On the back of the mask, you have four separate straps that help fit your mask.

  1. 180-degrees view
  2. Rainbow lens
  3. UV-400 protection
  4. Four adjustable straps
  • Eternal breathing chamber to prevent fogging
  • Rainbow lens for HD view
  • UV 400 rating
  • Compact design
  • Can dive up to 3 ft.
  • No need to readjust the mask
  • The buttons on the clasp are a bit hard to push.

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel Mask

Wildhorn Outfitters Snorkel Mask accompanies 180° full face design. This guarantees agreeable breath in the water. It also gives you a 180-degree viewing area. Together with the inherent coordinated GoPro Mount, it is simple for the diver to catch astonishing perspectives and experience fun!

With dry snorkel innovation, this sort of Snorkel Mask keeps you from choking. Furthermore, the Snorkel Mask includes a different breathing chamber which dispenses the fogging. In addition, it is somewhat simple to utilize and consequently appropriate for youths.

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Be that as it may, a few customers say it requires much more exertion to draw air into the mask and breathe it out. Besides, it is a long way from being compact. It consumes up much room in a bag or pack. Still, it is a nice snorkel mask in this price range and deserves a look over!

  1. 180 degrees viewing area
  2. Anti-Fogging technology
  3. GoPro Camera
  • Large viewing area
  • Prevents gagging
  • Gets uncomfortable to breathe while wearing it
  • It is a bit hard to maintain because of fragile face plastic

Unigear 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask

Unigear 108° Full Face Snorkel Mask is the most amicable among all the items in this review. This snorkel mask gives you a 180-degree panoramic ocean view while making it simple for you to breathe through your nose or mouth while swimming. It’s simply an ideal approach to see more of the world under the ocean. An added advantage is that it accompanies GoPro mount that can be used with your camera to enhance your diving experience!

What you might like in this face snorkel mask is the manner by which it has made it possible to plunge even further because of its 9.3 inches longer snorkel tube. There are likewise unique channels for breathing in and breathing out that takes the airflow far from your fundamental vision so that there will be no fogging and you can keep swimming longer.

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What’s more, if you are concerned about water getting in your mask, you’ll be happy to realize that there’s a ball situated at the highest point of the tube that will consequently seal the air valve to prevent the water from getting into your mouth and prevent you from choking!

If you’re not 100% happy with the mask for any reason, you are allowed to contact the customer services within 60 days. They will give you a refund without any inquiries at all!

  1. 180 degrees view
  2. GoPro mount
  3. 3’’ long Snorkel tube
  • Comfortable
  • Fits well around your face
  • Folded snorkel design
  • Dry snorkel tube
  • Prevents water leakage
  • Peripheral vision can be distorted by the corners of the mask
  • Straps are a bit short

180° Panoramic View Snorkel Mask by Knit Bonbons Outdoor

Deep diving in the ocean has never been this easy before! Knit Bonbons Outdoor dependably intends to design and develop the best snorkel masks for everybody to get amped up for the swimming experience. With this Upgraded Foldable Full Face Snorkel Mask, you will have an incredible swimming experience!

With the 180° view and curved lens structure, you are prepared to get a better view. You’ll be able to see all the more stunning creatures in the ocean with no contortion of view. Furnished with GoPro Mount, you can catch each amazing minute and share your impressive experience with loved ones!

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You can also enjoy simple installation in seconds! The foldable snorkel tube is superbly made. Thus, you can get a brilliant swimming experience without any stresses!

This free breathing snorkel mask encourages you to breathe in the water as effectively as on the shore. Dry snorkel framework not only prevents water from getting into your mouth, it additionally guarantees you to inhale normally through your nose and mouth. In this way, you’ll never be stressed over gagging on water amid diving.

  1. 180 degrees view
  2. CoPro mount
  3. Anti-fogging
  • Easy Breathing
  • Anti-Leak
  • Fully Adjustable Straps
  • Tends to wear down easily

X-Lounger Snorkel Mask

The X-Lounger Full Face Snorkeling Mask offers a 180-degree view and in addition a separable mount on top for your Go Pro camera. It is anything but difficult to utilize, requiring no guidance, simply presence of mind.

It is perfect for novices who are enthused about swimming. The all-dry swimming innovation comprises an incorporated float ball that seals the snorkel from the water after diving beneath the surface and drops down again while reemerging. The snorkel tube itself is a noteworthy 9.3 inches long, allowing further diving.

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The mask is outfitted with an anti-fog covering along the lens and one-of-a-kind breathing chamber intended to streamline airflow and avoid fogging. It is, to a great degree, safe. The foldable snorkel configuration makes the mask simple to transport.

The 180-degree field of view empowers you to see objects from various points. The X-Lounger mask has a separable camera mount, waterproof earplugs, and flat lenses.

  1. 180 degrees view
  2. 3’’ long snorkel tube
  3. Watertight valve
  • Anti-leak technology
  • Anti-fog
  • Easy to breath
  • Durability
  • Foldable snorkel tube
  • Detachable camera mount
  • It is not easy to seal the mask

Ranersports 180° GoPro Compatible Snorkel mask

This is a simple-to-utilize mask. Put on the mask and inhale through your nose or mouth, and in a split second start bother-free swimming. You will love the manner in which the mask functions as you figure out how to snorkel with your head in the water.

You get 180° submerged views, a free breathing structure, dry snorkel quality, anti-fog highlights, and a discretionary GoPro mount. This veil keeps water from getting into the mask. With the help of the purge valve innovation, you can breathe in and breathe out effectively.

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There are no goggle eyes. The crystal silicone mask skirt offers unrivaled solace. The effectively versatile straps keep the mask secured to your face.

Full face mask with incorporated snorkel permits characteristic breathing through the nose and mouth while giving an unmistakable, all panoramic view of the sea. Dry snorkel innovation keeps water from getting into the mask.

  1. 180 degrees view
  2. Crystal silicone mask
  3. Free breathing design
  4. GoPro Mount
  • Easy to breathe in it
  • Adjustable straps
  • Fog-free
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • It is difficult to seal the mask

U.S. Divers AirGo Full Face Snorkel Mask

If you prefer detachable snorkels, the US Divers AirGo is another first-class choice. This full-face snorkel enables you to remove the dry top snorkel for minimal pressing and highlights a structure that enables your face to sit nearer to the lens, so you get even more extensive views and diminished water drag. It additionally has a double chamber exhaust framework and a productive purge valve to diminish fogging and condensation.

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The AirGo has smooth and wide rubber straps that are intended to avoid hair entanglement and guarantee equivalent and adjusted pressure around the head. A SmartLock head strap has additionally been coordinated with swivel clasps to permit speedy and advantageous change and removal.

  1. SmartLock head strap
  2. Full-face mask
  3. Low water drag
  • SmartLock head strap
  • 180-degree view
  • SmartFit feature
  • Detachable dry top snorkel
  • Ultra-Guide coating
  • One-way purge valve
  • No camera mount
  • Cannot be used for free diving

Palong Full face Snorkel Mask

The front of the full face snorkel mask is structured with a mirror view window made of shatterproof material. This face mask has a light transmission rate of 100%. The mirror view window flaunts an anti-fog function which enables you to have a clearer and more splendid view submerged while guaranteeing your eye safety.

The fit part between the snorkel veil and human face utilizes a sort of delicate fluid silicone which offers you a, to a great degree, comforting feeling when fitted with your face and gives a sealing function that keeps the water from entering the cover.

The mirror view window of this snorkeling mask is a flat mirror window. When you see the submerged world through it, no deformation will happen.

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A one-of-a-kind in and out air channel permits you to swim like a whale when wearing this full-confront snorkel mask! You will never feel apprehensive about your breathing. The snorkel cover is intended for surface swimming and cannot be utilized for deep diving.

This snorkel mask is more advantageous than conventional swimming masks and is less demanding to store for the utilization later on.

  1. 180 degrees view
  2. Separate chambers for inhaling and exhaling
  3. Floating ball to seal the top of the snorkel
  • Easy to store
  • Durable
  • Fits perfectly
  • Flat mirror window
  • Tends to leak a bit

TriMagic Full Face Snorkel Mask

If you’ll be submerged for long, you require a mask that is agreeable to wear and simple to utilize. This full face snorkel mask from TriMagic is made of medicinal silica gel which fits pleasantly against your face, adjusts effortlessly, and never grabs any terrible scents.

The polycarbonate lens is tough enough to travel with and use in considerably rough waters without breaking at the scarcest bump. To shield it from hazing up while you swim, TriMagic has put in a different breathing chamber that moves the air far from the visor. This maintains a clear view on the ocean animals around you for a more drawn out experience.

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The dry top snorkel keeps water from entering the tube at the highest point of the mask, so you’ll never need to stress over salt water spilling into your cover and choking you.

There is a separable GoPro Mount that gives you a chance to record all that you see underneath the wave. A helpful nylon bag is likewise included with this 180 snorkel mask for simple packing!

  1. 180° view
  2. Shatterproof Polycarbonate
  3. GoPro Mount
  • Easy to mount camera
  • Fog-free
  • Anti-leak design
  • Fogs up in cold water

Easy Snorkel Full Face Snorkeling Mask

Easy Snorkel’s Full face swimming mask enables anybody to start swimming like a breeze quickly! Basically, you need only to put on the mask and inhale through your nose or mouth, and quickly start bother-free swimming. Zero experience needed!

The panoramic 180-degree submerged view is 100% unlimited, enabling you to see more beautiful marine life than any other! You will pick up a totally new viewpoint of the sea!

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The inventive design promises that you will never choke on salt water! The ‘Float Tech’ highlight keeps water from regularly entering your mask, and will definitely increase the time you spend swimming and have a great time!

Everybody detests ceasing swimming because of their mask always misting up. That is the reason this snorkeling mask includes a dynamic breathing chamber, keeping your breathing and vision clear so you can concentrate on enjoying your dive.

  1. 180 degrees view
  2. GoPro Mount
  3. Anti-leak
  • Dry snorkel technology
  • Anti-fog design
  • Detaching the snorkel can be a bit difficult

Ninja Shark Snorkel Mask Full Face Set

Made with superb materials, one of the key things separating this mask from the rest is its remarkable foldable snorkel tube, making establishment and transport pretty easily!

Highlights of the Ninja Shark incorporate anti-fog design, an amazing lens giving 180-degrees field of vision, naturally amicable anti-allergic medicinal grade silicone, and an airtight dry top seal.

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Further, a separable camera mount furnishes you with the alternative to catch your submerged undertakings for a future review! To finish it off, Ninja Shark offers a lifetime guarantee, and no inquiries asked fulfillment warranty.

  1. GoPro Mount
  2. 180 degrees view
  3. Chin Supporter
  4. Soft silicone nose cover
  • Amazing face seal
  • Flat lens for great view
  • Anti-allergic medical grade silicone
  • Detachable camera mount
  • Available in different sizes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Only suitable for ages 12+

AQUAEGIS Full Face Snorkel Mask

This full-face mask gives a whole new experience to swimming contrasted with ordinary scuba masks. AQUAEGIS has coordinated the face mask and snorkel into one piece, enabling the diver to inhale through both their nose and mouth. This technique disposes of uneasy mouthpieces as observed in regular snorkel masks. This full-face swim cover enables the diver to concentrate less on breathing and more on swimming and submerged fun!

One piece mask configuration empowers a genuine immense and clear 180° view of the underwater world. With the camera mount, you can append your camera to record and share the awesome experience with your companions!

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The dry top framework prevents the salt water from entering into the mask. With 3-in-1 breathing aviation system, you can inhale unreservedly through your mouth or nose. There is no irritating tube in the mouth that can cause gulping and gagging on water.

Separate breathing in and breathing out wind stream framework makes a reasonable viewing chamber that counteracts fogging and condensation. Invest more energy to explore the underwater world as opposed to changing your conventional goggle and tube continually!

  1. 180 degrees panoramic view
  2. 3-in-1 breathing system
  3. 1-year guarantee
  • Anti-fog design
  • Anti-leaking
  • Detachable GoPro Mount
  • Can break if excessive pressure is applied

Greatever Snorkel Mask

Greatever Snorkel Mask gives you an unhindered perspective of the submerged world. This mask has turned out to be progressively prevalent since, with the 180 degrees view, you can see all around! Greatever Snorkel Mask is amazingly simple to utilize. You will never need to stress over attempting to hold a snorkel in your mouth again and encounter mouth exhaustion because of it. This straightforward structure enables you to breathe unreservedly from your mouth or nose.

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This snorkel cover gives a large viewing window. What makes it less demanding than any other snorkel mask is the ability to inhale serenely through your mouth or nose while swimming. What’s more, unlike a curved lens which resembles a fisheye lens and makes everything appear far away, this snorkeling mask is fitted with an alternate lens that brings you more solace and gives reality to the scene!

  1. Anti-leak
  2. 5 pounds in weight
  3. 180-degree view
  • Easy breathing
  • Panoramic 180° view
  • Flat anti-distortion lens
  • Anti-fog technology
  • Adjustable straps
  • GoPro action camera mount
  • Sometimes water tends to get in the mask

Shark’s Friend Face Snorkel Mask

This full-face snorkel mask gives you a chance to see with an unfathomable 180-degree view, all the while breathing effortlessly with a full ventilation framework.

The 180-degree field of view gives you a chance to look before you, and in addition to the sides. So, you don’t need to stress over missing something amazing while you are occupied by a wonderful school of fish.

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To go with the perfect view, this swimming mask has a camera mount included. This lets you effectively join any waterproof games camera, so you can take extraordinary submerged pictures. While the photos will live on always in your memory, it doesn’t mean you won’t have any desire to show them off!

The wide, secure, adjustable straps and silicone seal enable you to modify the cover to meet your requirements. It comes in different sizes. This wide range implies that you can get a similar incredible mask for the entire family.

  1. 180 degrees full face design
  2. Comes in different sizes
  3. GoPro Mount
  • Comes with a camera mount
  • Anti-leak
  • Easily adjustable straps
  • Tends to fog up in very cold water

IOO Snorkel Mask Full Face

You get an amazing all-panoramic ocean view with IOO snorkel full face mask. An adjusted 180-degree polycarbonate lens and additionally long tube will give you unhindered perspectives of reefs and extraordinary fish!

The more drawn out tube and round screen makes swimming and diving more agreeable and works better than any other flat-screened snorkels. The separate breathing chamber wards off airflow from face to hinder fogging and permits easy mouth or nose breathing without a meddlesome mouthpiece.

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This snorkel mask is compatible with GoPro. You can take stunning pictures with the incorporated cam mount over the head. Utilize a GoPro or any other waterproof camera gear to catch family experiences which your youngsters will cherish for long.

The easy-breath full-face snorkel unit comes with a floating ball and 1-way valve which averts gulping of salty ocean water, so grown-ups and children can unwind and appreciate the scuba jump and view!

  1. 180-degrees full face design
  2. GoPro Mount
  3. Comes in different sizes
  • Mesh carrying bag
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Gets worn out after a while

Buyer’s Guide

Buying a full face snorkel mask ought to, in fact, be a straightforward procedure, in spite of the fact that it can appear to be overwhelming until the point when you start to concentrate on the key variables. You must have inferred from the reviews given above that full face snorkel masks are not all alike. They have different features and specifications.

There is no universal model that will give the perfect experience. Every full face snorkel mask has different pros and cons. With the buying guide, you will learn what features full-face snorkel masks have, and what the functionality of each feature is. Then you can make an informed choice by comparing the features with your requirements!

Choosing Correct Size

There isn’t a considerable amount of variety when it comes to size since the greater part of the fitting work is done by the straps. Be that as it may, it is imperative to guarantee the mask itself is right as far as size and measurement are concerned. If nothing else, the size should be proper enough to be balanced well by the straps.

In spite of the innovation and consistent adjusting of the design, there is a slight probability of water entering the mask. So make sure the fit is flawless before making a choice. In some cases, fitting the cover on too tight can be as discomforting as having a mask that is loose.

The ideal situation would be to look for a snorkel face mask producer that offers an assortment of sizes for you to experiment with. Also, it is useful to research as many masks as you can on the web and read up on some thorough reviews to assist you with your choice.

Watertight Valve

It would be trivial and nonsensical putting cash in a snorkel mask that doesn’t push the limits of what you can do underwater!

Ensure that the full face snorkel mask you are going to buy has a valve that automatically starts working when you go underwater, so the mask remains watertight. The valve should reopen when you break the surface.

Thus, you can go past the cutoff limits of customary snorkel masks and remain submerged without the issue of water entering your mouth and making you gag or choke. Additionally, it would be extraordinary if the mask can release any water that may enter through the snorkel to spare you the issue of disposing of the water yourself.

Anti-Fogging Properties

Maybe, a standout amongst the issues that occur while swimming is condensation forming up on the mask and ruining your vision.

Numerous producers of full-face snorkel masks guarantee to have totally settled this issue with arrangements like the streamlined flow of air and anti-fogging coating.

Be that as it may, you can never know without a doubt until you try the mask yourself. Additionally, ensure that the properties the mask possesses to prevent fogging function admirably in cool water.


Visibility is another standard element of the full face snorkel mask. The mask you pick ought to have the capacity to furnish you with an unmistakable 180-degree view. This isn’t only useful for a better experience but also for your wellbeing.

Focus on the material that the mask is made of. Ensure it is made of strong and transparent polycarbonate. This material is protected against shattering and conveys solid protection from impact. This will give some genuinely necessary security to your eyes in case of a mishap.


Similar to ordinary snorkeling mask, the elastic seal that reaches your face is known as the skirt. This piece of the mask is planned to create a watertight seal enabling your mask to remain free from water. Not only will an inappropriate fit make your full face snorkel mask uncomfortable, but it will also likewise cause leaking. An imperfect fit will cause you to clear up the water in the mask over & over, an assignment that is significantly harder when wearing the best full face snorkel mask. It is something you cannot possibly do when submerged. You would need to reemerge and lift your head out of the water, causing the water to deplete.

An imperfect mask can likewise make your mask mist up. This will weaken your visibility when submerged and make your experience far less pleasant. Estimating the size of your face is a decent place to begin with so that you get a perfect fitting mask. In particular, you will need to gauge the width of your face and the separation between your eyes.

Swimming is proposed to be a fun activity. Having a serenely fitting snorkel mask is the ideal approach to guarantee that you take full advantage of your time submerged. To guarantee your cover sits easily, make certain to watch that the skirt fits serenely around your face.

You will need to ensure that you can inhale through the mask. It will be a bizarre feeling breathing through a full face snorkel mask, so it is best to become accustomed to the thought. These mask types are simpler for beginners to become acclimated to as they enable you to inhale normally.


Not all masks are made uniformly which is explicitly valid in reference to the kinds of lenses used in them. Anti-fogging innovation is one of the key highlights of a lens. It is difficult to make a lens that doesn’t mist. But using spray-on film, unique lens materials, etc. it is possible to achieve great levels of anti-fogging.

You ought to likewise consider a lens that has an anti-scratch covering too. This will go far in expanding the durability of the mask as well as its life expectancy. Most of the masks, without this component, become useless pretty soon. The lens becomes scratched to the point that the diver can’t see anything through it.

Final thoughts

There are loads of Full Face Snorkel Masks out in the market. There are many masks from which you can make a choice. Buying the right one is imperative to ensure your snorkeling experience is top-notch!

15 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks of 2022 Reviews