Danner Pronghorn Review

Danner Pronghorn Review

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Snakebite is a severe concern that faces those that spend a great deal of time outdoors, especially during hunting season. Having a good pair of boots that can protect your legs when moving through underbrush or high grass is essential to ensuring you make it home again without a nasty snakebite. In Texas alone, seven thousand people are bitten every year in incidents that include hunting, photography, and hiking. A good set of snakebite boots is an excellent way to help prevent this from happening, and we’ve found a few excellent examples for you to consider. We’ll start with a Danner Pronghorn Review.

Danner Pronghorn Basic Overview

These boots are constructed using durable materials with a high-quality design aimed at preventing snake-bite.

The combination of 1000 Denier Nylon and full-grain leather creates a breathable yet waterproof fit that keeps your feet dry by wicking sweat away while preventing water from getting in.

The design of these boots emphasizes excellent fit and security, allowing you to get a snug fit with a single tug on the laces.  Snake protection fabric provides additional protection.

Danner Pronghorn Snake Boots review sources frequently cite this brand as one of the most durable and reliable on the market.

  • Full-Grain Leather and Nylon Design
  • GORE-TEX Weatherproofing  keeps feet dry
  • Laces must be loosened when removing or putting on, even with the zipper

Danner Pronghorn vs AlternativesGuide Gear Men’s Nylon Snake Boots

These boots are also equipped with the nylon layer, though it’s a lighter weight than the 1000 Denier that’s used in the Danner boots. In spite of this they have a lot to recommend them, including being 1.5 in taller than the 17” Danner Pronghorn.  They certainly come at a lower price point, but you get what you pay for.

guide gear mens boots in the woods

ROCKY Men’s Knee High Boot

These boots compare well with the Danner Pronghorn, but again they lack the high-density nylon of that boot.

That being said it does share the same rubber sole and is half an inch taller than the Pronghorn, meaning there’s little difference in the level of protection they offer on that front.

Chippewa Men’s 18″ Square Toe Pull On Snake Boot

Along with a full 2.5 inches of protection (The boots are 18” tall), this boot also comes with a Vibram sole for added durability and quality. The heel on this boot is a full half-inch shorter, providing it with a surer stride, especially in muddy conditions. It is somewhat more challenging to put on since it lacks the zipper close of the other three boots, but that might be worth it to individual buyers. It’s price-point falls in a similar range as that of the Danner Pronghorn snake boot.

Who makes it?

danner mens boots and accessories

Danner has been in the business of producing high-quality boots for almost a century. Named for the passion of Charles Danner, their founder, who was drawn to the Pacific Northwest and its craggy wilds the company maintains his vision.

High-quality boots that will protect you and keep you comfortable in even the most rugged terrain.

It is uncommon to read a Danner Pronghorn boots review and find anything but a satisfied customer.

Final Word

When you’re in the market for a snake boot, there are a few critical elements that must be considered. Among these is their ability to do their job, protect against snake bite. Functional snake boots have a snake protective lining and are made from durable leather, known for its resilience and protective qualities. Comfort is another primary concern, which is why the ability to wick away moisture from your feet while keeping them protected from environmental water is critical.

Frequently Asked Questions

q: Are Danner Boots good for winter?

With the company’s roots being in the Pacific Northwest, every boot they produce is suitable for wear in even the most inclimate of seasons. The winters in the Pacific Northwest can be brutal and unforgiving, especially in the mountains. These boots can go the distance.

q: Where are Danner shoes made?

Danner is proud to say that every boot is made in the USA, with fully a third of them being made in Portland, OR.

q: Are Danner Boots good for hiking?

Danner boots are specifically designed for the outdoor enthusiast. They combine durability, comfort, and protection from the elements to create the perfect hiking boot.

Danner Pronghorn Review
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