Best Heated Gloves

We took 10 of the best electirc heated gloves available in 2019 and compared them by price, heating element, sizing and many other features. Remember when there was nothing you could do about those cold fingers on the mountain? You try to pull each finger into the palm of the glove in hopes of warming it up … but it is no use. You try breathing into the glove opening, which helps for a moment. But you’re out skiing, and already out of breath.

Or maybe you could just shove a few of those old air-activated heating packs in there. You know, the ones that can burn your skin if you’re not careful.

Today’s outdoor enthusiasts have the unique advantage of electric heated gloves, most of which utilize a rechargeable battery to provide electric heat to part or most of the glove interior. Furthermore, these gloves can actually be set to different temperature ranges, giving you even more control over on-mountain hand comfort. Before you rush out and buy your own pair, take a look at our guide to the 10 best heated gloves of the year, followed by an in-depth discussion of the state of glove technology.

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Best Touchscreen Compatibility

QILOVE Winter Warm Electric Heated Gloves

MATERIAL:  Polyester



BATTERY TIME:    4 HRS (high) / 3 HRS (medium) / 2 HRS (low)           


BEST FEATURE: Touchscreen compatibility means not having to take off your glove in the cold

On the spectrum of electric heated gloves, the QILOVE Winter Gloves are on the high end of both weatherproofing and insulation, making them one of the more appropriate products for activities like downhill skiing or snowmobiling. Because of their think polyester construction, even without the heating they tend to operate as a remarkably warm glove.

The heating element is mounted on the back of the hand. This is not uncommon for heated gloves, as the electric heat panel usually needs to be mounted in a place where it will not suffer from constant bending and flexing. However the top-mounted style is considered a drawback to many who want the heat directed on the inside of their hands as well as the fingers. The concept of course is for the heat from the panel to “trickle” outwards into the rest of the glove. Some models do this better than others. QUILOVE gets about a four out of five on this particular metric, however the efficiency of the battery is top-notch.

  • Think construction for added warmth
  • Efficient battery / heating panel
  • Heat can take a while to reach the palm & fingers

Best Waterproof Heated Gloves

SVPRO Electric Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves

MATERIAL:  Thinsulate / Cotton / Reinforced leather              


HEAT SETTINGS:  RED / GREEN / BLUE  (high / medium / low)       



BEST FEATURE: Reinforced leather palms offer great grip

There are a lot of back and forth debated about the different kinds of heating element styles that are used in battery heated gloves. We actually talk a little bit about the topic here, if you are interested at taking a peek. But one thing is for sure, the SVPRO Electric Gloves’ best feature is their threaded-wire style construction, which keeps the fingers far warmer than with a panel-style heating element.

In addition to the effective heating system, the SVPROs also utilize a double layer construction of cotton liner and waterproof Thinsulate shell to provide a seriously warm glove that doesn’t even need to be on to protect your palms from the harsh realities of a Colorado winter. But you’re going to want to have these things on as often as possible … the heat is as calming as it is warming.

Reinforced leather palm is a nice touch. It offers a bit of extra heft between the palm and a ski-pole, for example, and would provide excellent grip on a snowmobile. With the extra bulk that comes with an on-board heating system, it can be difficult for some companies to get the sizing right. Our experience is that SVPRO makes them a touch small, so be sure to check the sizing before you make a purchase.

  • Threaded wire-style construction keeps fingers warm
  • Sturdy 3-layer construction is built to last
  • Gloves can run a bit small
  • Wires can ‘migrate’ inside the glove over time

Best High Performance Electric Glove

MOUNT TEC Unisex EXPLORER 3 Heated Performance Glove

MATERIAL:  Goatskin Leather & Riptech Nylon shell      



BATTERY TIME:    4 HRS / 6 HRS / 8 HRS  


BEST FEATURE: High-quality construction

Although they are perhaps more popular in Europe than they are in the United States, glove and gear producer MOUNT TEC have established themselves as a reputable and innovative designer of high performance cold-weather gloves. They make a few hats here and there, but one of the best things about buying a pair of gloves from someone like MOUNT TEC is that you would be buying from a company that has made gloves their entire mission.

Let’s make this clear: MOUNT TEC is succeeding at this mission. While some companies are satisfied by sewing a cheap heating panel into a cheap pair of gloves, Mount Tec is able to take the electric glove to the next level simply by utilizing the same precision-based production materials and techniques that are available anywhere. Sure, the result is a product that might be a few more bucks, but there is no doubt among our team that it would be money well-spent.

These gloves come pretty stiff right off the production line, but they will soften over time. They can be a bit coarse as well along the sides, which can be a pain for runny noses on the ski lift. The only other problem we noticed was that the warming action seemed overly centered in the palm area while the fingers struggled to keep warm for extended periods of time.

  • Very high quality European construction
  • Great weatherproofing
  • Bulky and stiff
  • Finger warmers can have a hard time keeping up in cold temperatures

Best Heated Electric Gloves for Motorcycling

SAVIOR Heated Gloves with Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

MATERIAL:  Polyester & Leather          

HEATING ELEMENT STYLE: Back hand mounted panel


BATTERY TIME:    2 HRS / 3 HRS / 4.5 HRS    


BEST FEATURE: Easy access temperature control button

There is not much that can be found about the SAVOIR, the company behind this pair of electric heated gloves. Sometimes, lack of company information can be an indication that the product you are receiving might be of a lower quality, so it can be helpful to do some research beforehand. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we’re here to do.

The first thing that stands out about the Savior Gloves is that they are some degree thinner than the other heated gloves on this review. This makes them a bit more suited to activities like cycling and motorcycling when it helps to have a little more finger dexterity in order to operate the vehicle.

But the real reason we’re all here is to talk about electric heating. And how to the Savior gloves stack up? Well they’re panel-style, and this one is located on the back of the hand like it was with the QILOVE Winter Warm Gloves. This also means that the fingers don’t get all the heat they deserve. Overall the heating capability of this glove feels somewhat reduced, but as we said, the thinner style makes them ideal for certain applications.

  • Thinner glove means more dexterity
  • Snug, comfortable fit
  • Lacking customer service
  • Fingers not super well-heated

Best Electric Heated Glove for Fishing

RABBITROOM Winter Electric Heated Gloves with Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

MATERIAL:  Cotton / Polyester         

HEATING ELEMENT STYLE: Carbon Fiber Infrared Panel


BATTERY TIME:    2 HRS / 3 HRS / 4 HRS      


BEST FEATURE: Excellent waterproofing

The reason that we are recommending RABBITROOM’s signature product as the best electric glove for ice fishing is that it offers a higher degree of finger dexterity than most heated gloves with an excellent waterproofing that is simply unmatched in the industry. The last thing that you want when you’re out ice fishing is to get your gloves wet, and this is a handy way to avoid that problem altogether.

The heating panel is adequate … certainly a lot warmer than a non-heated glove, but if we are being honest, Rabbitroom is known more for their affordable entry-level warming products than they are for high-quality heating performance or construction quality. This isn’t to say that they’re a bad pair of gloves. On the contrary, for the price they are the perfect glove for a number of activities, and we wouldn’t mind having a pair of these in the car for early-morning driving when the steering wheel is too cold. The fingers on the Rabbitroom gloves just lose their heat too quickly. Perhaps this is an insulation issue? Or it could certainly be the stitching, which in our opinion was not of the best quality.

  • Affordable high-performance glove
  • Waterproofing is unmatched
  • Poor finger heating
  • Medium-quality stitching

Best Overall Value Pick

GLOBAL VASION Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves

MATERIAL:  lining 80% Cotton 20% Sponge

HEATING ELEMENT STYLE: Fiber Infrared Back-hand Panel


BATTERY TIME:    2 HRS / 3 HRS / 4 HRS      


BEST FEATURE: Good breathability

We can say this about GLOBAL VASION: they sure love making electric heated outdoor gear. They do everything from socks to caps to vests and coats, all equipped with 3rd generation panel-based heating technology. The battery power varies slightly from product to produce, but the large majority of them, including this particular pair of heated gloves, comes in right at 7.4V. That’s powerful enough to keep your palms warm, but is it enough to warm the whole glove adequately?

The truth is that these do suffer from a touch of the same cold finger syndrome that has been somewhat common on our review thus far. Why is it that glove makers have been unable to create a glove with electric-heated fingers? And even then, how do they go about making sure that those fingers stay warm as long as you need them too? We noticed one problem with these gloves that actually extends into a decent portion of GLOBAL VASION’s product line. The included battery packs begin to lose their charging capabilities after repeated use, and eventually will not be able to hold a charge at all. Fortunately, separate batteries are available for purchase if you decide you want to keep a few on hand.

  • Breathable
  • Affordable
  • Poor heat retention in fingers
  • Batteries lose charge over time

Top of the Line Performance Pick

Outdoor Research LUCENT Heated Gloves

MATERIAL:  100% Nylon Shell / Goat Leather Palm / 100% Polyester Insulation          



BATTERY TIME:    4 HRS / 5 HRS / 6 HRS      


BEST FEATURE: Highly trusted outdoor company

You can’t really do any better than Outdoor Research when it comes to shopping for the highest quality tactical wilderness equipment. Whether you are rocking first chair to last call, or simply navigating the cold nights of a deep winter, there are perhaps no other gloves on the market that can come close to matching the performance of the LUCENT heated glove.

It seems in this case that Outdoor Research actually took a cue from some of the overseas companies when it comes to internal heating elements. While this was something that many American-based glove companies had shied away from, O.R. decided to jump right in, as the proof is in the pudding.

We can’t lie and say that these are the cheapest gloves on our review. In fact it is something of the opposite. But the added quality in addition to the incredible warranty and customer service offered by a company like O.R. is more than worth the extra cheese.

In addition, O.R.’s battery packs are significantly improved compared to some of the other brand that we looked at, with both reduced charge times and increased usage times.

  • Trusted manufacturer of outdoor gear
  • High-quality stitching & construction
  • $$$$$$
  • Extra bulky (but warm)

Warmest Fingers on an Electric Glove

VENTURE The ALT Waterproof Battery Heated Gloves

MATERIAL:  3M Thinsulate insulation, Nylon, Polyester  

HEATING ELEMENT STYLE: Ultra-thin micro-alloy panels


BATTERY TIME:    3 HRS / 4 HRS / 5 HRS      


BEST FEATURE: Heating panels along fingertips

We are going to come out and say it clear just to eliminate any confusion: the ALT Heated Gloves by VENTURE HEAT have the absolute best finger-warming performance of any of the other gloves on our list. By utilizing smaller ultrathin panels as opposed to sewn fiber, VENTURE was able to create a glove that created real heat in the fingers, as opposed to just the expectation that the radiant heat from a single panel would be adequate to reach all the way into the fingers. It is possible that with the ALT glove, VENTURE has solved the biggest problem that has been plaguing the heated-glove industry since its inception.

The ALT also happens to be touchscreen friendly, which is a rarity among heated gloves because of the thickness required to house the heating elements. But with the right kind of micro-fiber pad on the index finger, you are now able to operate your smartphone without taking your glove off. And when you’re out on the ski-hill, this is kind of a huge deal.

We have heard of other people experiencing poor battery life with Venture’s products, however we have not really found that to be the case. In addition, Venture offers replacement batteries that are sold separately and aren’t all that expensive, so it’s possible to keep an extra on hand when the original eventually kicks the bucket.

  • Ultra-thin finger panel heating
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Battery connections are awkward but workable
  • More water “resistant” than water-proof

Best Electric Heated Mittens

SNOW DEER Heated Mittens w/ Electric Rechargeable Battery

MATERIAL:  Nylon / Polyester / Sheep leather          

HEATING ELEMENT STYLE: Fiber far-infrared


BATTERY TIME:    2.5 HRS / 3.5 HRS / 5 HRS      


BEST FEATURE: Great finger warming

You didn’t think that we’d get through our entire list without mentioning a single pair of mittens, did you? If you are a fan of our gear reviews, then you might already know how big a fan I am of mittens over gloves. For one thing, having all your fingers in the same “chamber” is a great way to preserve heat in a part of the body that is perhaps most susceptible to frostbite.

In addition, having your fingers totally separated from one another is just strange, isn’t it? We think it could be better to have all your fingers together, the way they were meant to be.

But the SNOW DEER mittens are a step above the traditional mitten, because they feature a heating element that stretched from the back of the hand all the way over the tips of the fingers, which is significantly more coverage than most gloves can offer.

Because of the larger heating pad and the more insulating nature of the mitten over the glove, the Snow Deer mittens might be one of the warmest electric products that we have reviewed in 2019.

It is important to make a quick note that Snow Deer gloves and mittens tend to run quite small, so you might want to consider going a size up when you decide to pull the trigger on a new pair of heated gloves.

  • Mitten design is inherently warmer
  • More heated surface area than gloves
  • Lower battery life
  • Sizing runs quite small

Best Electric Heated Glove Liners

SUN WILL Rechargeable Electric Battery Heated Glove Liners

MATERIAL:  Lycra       



BATTERY TIME:    2 HRS / 3 HRS / 4 HRS      


BEST FEATURE: Thin enough to use beneath a large pair of gloves

Thus far on our list we have not yet encountered a glove that we could credibly classify as a liner, but this heated glove from SUN WILL is certainly that, and it manages to perform the duties of the role just splendidly. These gloves are thin enough for everyday activities as well like taking the dog around the block on a chilly autumn morning, or taking a jog at the end of the day.

One use for heated gloves that we have not touched on so far is their ability to alleviate certain symptoms of Raynaud’s Syndrome & Arthritis. In fact, anyone looking to improve blood circulation or relieve stiff joints would be wise to consider bringing a heated glove into the mix.

One of the drawbacks of being such a comparatively lightweight and compact glove is that the battery pack is smaller than most others, which of course means that you are looking at a reduced battery life. That might be the tradeoff, however. Fortunately if you recharge them every night you can get at least a few good hours of heat per day.

  • Thin & lightweight ‘liner’ style glove
  • Quite warm for the battery size
  • Small battery pack means reduced run time
  • Not waterproof or windproof

Summing it all Up: The Best Electric Heated Glove of 2019

A lot of consideration goes into our review guides, from the initial product inspections to the thoughtful considerations that happen further down the line, the ones where we realize where the product’s true strengths lie, and it is often times in a place that it totally unexpected.

The VENTURE ALTheated glove totally took us unaware, as we had no idea that people were developing that kind of multi-panel technology. The end result is a glove that sends much more heat to the fingers, which is where every one of us really wants it.

However the SUN WILL HEATED LINERS we some of the most comfortable things that we have ever pulled over our knuckles, and something certainly must be said about their overall value in terms of warmth vs. affordability.

Choosing the Right Pair of Heated Electric Gloves

As you could no doubt tell from thumbing through our top ten review, there are more than a few different styles of electric heated glove available on today’s market. Choosing the right pair for you shouldn’t have to be a hassle. Here are a few things to look for:

Rechargeable Batteries

The large majority of heated gloves utilize a rechargeable electric battery for operation. Most of these are 7.5V, which is large enough to provide a few hours of heat, but small enough to be housed inside the glove itself without being too bulky or heavy.

electric glove battery

Extra batteries are something that you might want to consider if you want to use these for an entire day on the slopes. However, some gloves’ batteries are easier to change than others.

Outer Shell / Weatherproofing

electric gloves in the snow

There is a huge discrepancy between the best and the worst electric heating gloves out there in terms of how well they can hold up to water and wind. By and large the gloves on our list were designed for winter sports, where snow is the chief concern. Because snow is relatively dry (for water) the gloves do not need to offer any high levels of waterproofing, as windproofing can often times be more important.


It seems that no two companies can agree on a standard sizing model for gloves, so an extra step is required in order to make sure that you are getting the best fit. Online glove sizing charts can be helpful in some circumstances, however it is best to check if the manufacturer has released a sizing chart that is specific to their brand.

sizing table

Heating Element Styles

There are two main styles of heating element when it comes to electric gloves and electric socks:

  • PANEL STYLE, which features a single metal panel inside a specially designed compartment. When electric current is sent into the panel, it is transformed into heat which then radiates outward to warm other parts of the hand, like the fingers.

Some panel style gloves are experimenting with Multi-Panel Construction, which is a promising way to increase finger warmth exponentially.

  • INFRARED FIBER STYLE, which utilizes a long strand of infrared fiber coal that is woven throughout the glove, sometimes through the finger area and sometimes not. The benefit of these internal heating wires is that heat can be more evenly dispersed to the full hand, as opposed to having to wait for a panel-style heating element to produce enough heat to trickle out to the fingers.          

Touchscreen Compatibility

One of the principal drawbacks of the touchscreen revolution was that there was no way to use the technology when wearing any kind of glove, so thick was the material and so sensitive the screen. “Touchscreen compatibility” as it relates to gloves is all about a small pad on either the index finger, thumb finger, or both, that is made of microfiber and designed to simulate the texture of human skin. This way, it becomes possible to use the touchscreen without taking off your glove.

Touchscreen Compatibility Gloves

Frequently Asked Questions

• Q: Do they have a heat source that goes into the fingers?

A: Although it would be nice, not all of the electric heated gloves on our review feature heating elements that extend fully into the finger cavity of the glove. There are varying reasons for this, from cost effectiveness to simple aesthetic design style.

If you are looking for a heated glove with great finger warming, check out the VENTURE ALT ELECTRIC GLOVES, which feature ultra-thin micro-paneling all the way into the fingers.

Q: How long to recharge the batteries?

A: There are a few exceptions with heated gloves, but for the most part these batteries are about 7.5V, which should take in the neighborhood of 5 to 6 hours to charge fully.

Q: Are they machine washable?

A: Most of the gloves that we looked at are not machine washable.

It is important to remember that there are sensitive electronic elements stitched inside of the glove. When these elements are exposed to drastic temperatures and full submersion for extended periods of time, they can be damaged irreparably.

Most companies suggest that you clean the exterior of your gloves with a hard nylon bristle brush with a light dilution of soap and water. This way, the internal components can be protected.

• Q:  Are they safe?

A: Yes. Electric heated gloves are totally safe for use. They are designed in such a way that there is no fire risk, and the electronic load of the battery is small enough that it would not cause significant harm to a human.

Q:  Do they have a waterproof breathable membrane? Gore-tex?

A: A good number of these gloves have waterproof shells, however many of the companies are using that word rather lightly. When any of these gloves are exposed to full submersion in water they will most certainly be soaked within minutes. However when it comes to skiing and snowboarding apparel and gear, “waterproof” has a bit of a looser definition.

Q: Can I charge these in Europe on 200V?

A: You would need to find the proper power adaptor in order to get these to charge in Europe, however if you did that then it should charge just fine.

Q: Are they touchscreen capable?

A: Several of the gloves we looked at here have touchscreen capability, which is simply a microfiber pad sewn into the index finger and sometimes thumb that allows one to operate a smartphone screen. The QILOVE Winter Warm Electric Gloves are a good example of a high-performance touchscreen capable glove.