How to Be a Casual Snow Goose Hunter

How to Be a Casual Snow Goose Hunter

Goose hunting is one of the most challenging and exciting types of hunting that requires thorough preparation. Accuracy alone is not enough in this circumstance, so professionals discover particular pleasure in catching these proud birds.

How to Be a Casual Snow Goose Hunter

The principal value for the hunter is represented only by three species of geese — gray, snow, and bean goose. Geese are hunted either in the spring, when they fly slowly and often stop to feed, or in the autumn, from mid-September to December, when it gets colder, and the geese rush to warm places.

Features of geese

Goose hunting is an impressive example of hunting. The principal features of these birds:

  • Geese are distinguished by a beak, which at the foundation has a greater height than the width, and an ending with a marigold with a sharpened edge.
  • There are small teeth along the edges of the beak.
  • Feathers and down are highly developed.
  • Males practically do not differ from females — the only difference is in the bony outgrowth «hump» at the beginning of the beak at the bridge of the male’s nose and slightly larger body size.
  • Many geese usually can make mumbling sounds or hiss in danger or irritation.

Preparation before hunting

How to get the coveted trophy? Preparation for the shooting begins long before the opening season. It is necessary to prepare geese mockups or purchase ready-made ones from the hunting store. Now on sale, there is everything, plastic, collapsible, flapping wings, everyone chooses something for himself based on financial capabilities.

How to Be a Casual Snow Goose Hunter

A week before the opening, do not be too lazy to observe the places of the proposed hunting in the morning hours. If in autumn you have noticed fields with oats, peas, potatoes, do not hesitate, geese will find these fields. Therefore, you should better go there:

  • During the day, you can wander through these fields and a place chosen by geese. Not far from this place, and it is necessary to organize a blind.
  • When constructing a shelter, remember that extremely tall «full-length» blind look suspicious, and the flock will most likely pass by such a place.
  • Also, withdraw substantial inconsistency in the color of the hideout and the surrounding territory.

The following step towards becoming a genuine goose hunter is to determine your hunting method. Many may wonder how to be a casual snow goose hunter and become part of the hunting world. There are three approaches to joining a hunting community. These options include guided hunting, hunting with friends, and solo hunting.

Just Hire a Dang Snow Goose Hunting Guide

This may sound like a peculiar concept, but hiring a guide can be extremely rewarding. If you don’t have a snow goose dog or don’t understand birds migration, the guide can explain everything you need to know. Hiring a guide can save you time and money, especially if you are not enthusiastic about hunting alone.

No matter how sad and unpleasant it may sound, hunting a snow goose with your own hands is an option that is not reasonable for everyone. This is a complicated responsibility that rarely succeeds for someone who does not have experience or abilities. What then is the opportunity when you want to become a hunter?

How to Be a Casual Snow Goose Hunter

First of all, you can hire a guide. It will be much cheaper than trying to set up traps and buy the wrong lurks on your own. Nevertheless, as with any business that requires tremendous results, it cannot be simple to choose a guide for hunting.

Many well-known companies that offer snow geese hunting do not perpetually provide guide assistance. Consequently, it is worth looking for options that will provide a more engaging hunting experience with the cooperation of guides:

  • This can frequently cost more. Nevertheless, you will pay for the best hunting conditions, the best equipment, and possibly photography.
  • Guides take you to unprecedented hunting spots that are not available to hunting enthusiasts or newcomers.
  • A goose hunter will hunt in a group with other hunters if there will be such an opportunity.

How do you know that a selected company with a guide is suitable? The perfect company will prompt you to choose a hunting date and notify them if they have guides available.

How to Be a Casual Snow Goose Hunter

Ideally, goose hunting should occur in areas where you can guarantee yourself a good shot and hit a bird. When you book a guided hunting tour, the guide is responsible for choosing a location suitable for hunting.

Tag Along with Die-Hard Snow Goose Hunters

The truth cannot be hidden — a considerable number of hunters are tag-a-longs. Of course, there are genuine hunting enthusiasts who are willing to follow flocks of snow geese all the time. Nevertheless, the rest would like to experience a peaceful hunt.

Some people like to hunt white birds for a very long time. Even if you don’t like this alternative, you can become a member of a team of avid snow geese hunters. By being tag-a-long, you can reap many advantages:

  • find out how professionals hunt;
  • learn new things;
  • discover hunting secrets that cannot be found on the Internet.

Hunting friends are not only tremendous fun but also a lot of new knowledge. Everyone can be invited to pursue a snow goose once. However, to become part of a team of professionals, you need to contribute to a typical work. For example, you might suggest cleaning up the birds or help collect the equipment. You can even take as much meat as possible to your home!

How to Be a Casual Snow Goose Hunter

Perhaps now it might seem like pulling the blanket over yourself. However, in reality, most hunters already have refrigerators stuffed with goose meat. They will be grateful that you clean the geese and take them home. Alternatively, you can also pay for a shared meal or help with cleaning. This will guarantee you a ticket to your next hunt as tag-a-long.

Hunt Snow Geese on Your Own

Snow goose hunting is one of the most memorable and fascinating sightings. Hunting is intriguing and exciting and will bring you a lot of entertainment. In the spring and autumn, most hunters hear a goose cackle somewhere in the skies and watch the slender flying triangles of the most prominent representatives of our waterfowl with their eyes. Nevertheless, few geese hunters had the good fortune to hold a heavy, long-necked bird in their hands and admire its extraordinary beauty. To be able to get this trophy, it is worth trying hunting on your own.

How to Be a Casual Snow Goose Hunter

If the first two options for hunting winter geese are not suitable, there is always an option to hunt yourself! Do not think that hunting alone is terrible. The results will be significant if you take the time to prepare.

For a successful hunt alone, you should follow some recommendations:

  • The hunt’s success depends fundamentally on how close the hunter can get close to the birds. Young geese and females are less careful and are hunted more frequently than adult birds and males.
  • Where waterfowl are hunted a lot, they concentrate in particular places and noticeably change their behavior.
  • Having learned from bitter experience that only complete darkness can protect them from the encroachments of the hunter, they all later fly to the fat in the evening and return from it earlier in the morning.
  • It is necessary to watch the geese not so much where they fly but also where they descend before landing.

Tip: When hunting alone, focus on the water area. Most snow geese can be caught if you have bait in the pond. You can be successful with these smaller spreads.

It’s also worth changing the idea of success. You cannot catch as many birds alone as in the company of a guide or friends. The typical snow goose hunter collects an average of 20 to 40 birds per day. It’s cool to hunt a lot of birds. But the most real snow geese hunters understand that quality hunting is the most remarkable thing.

Real hunters who hunt themselves:

  • explore the habits of these birds;
  • carefully prepare equipment and ammunition;
  • buy or make stuffed animals and mockups;
  • master the art of making blind;
  • study the area where the hunt is planned;
  • collect information from residents.

What is the outcome? An objective picture that assists in the preparation of the hunt.

Final Words

Hunting for wild geese is a fascinating, even exciting sport. An activity that makes the hunter’s heart beat faster, and fills his soul with energy. But as great as catching a goose is, it is just as demanding. Consequently, it is worth having excellent training for a hunter in the general rules and, when planning to shoot a goose from the wild, thoroughly study all the laws of such a pastime.

Goose hunting requires some training and knowledge. The goose is an enviable trophy, especially in this hunting type. Goose hunting is not easy. Geese are a rare and expensive game. Therefore, when choosing a place to hunt, you do not need to be picky. It is necessary to settle down where these birds keep, and there is a hope to make several shots at them.

How to Be a Casual Snow Goose Hunter

It is the goose that will never allow you to catch her off guard on the hunt. You hid in the bushes with a gun? The goose has already seen these bushes and gained a safe height. Only 5% of hunters can shoot a goose!

But for those who have chosen the appropriate hunting style for themselves, everything is real. The preparation of hunting for a goose is carried out at the level of training of a good scout. Consequently, exceptional attention should be paid to the habits of the birds, their places of residence, and the creation of excellent blinds. An equally noteworthy detail is the choice of the type of hunting.

You can find out how convenient and enjoyable hunting with baits tastes in proven unique places with a guide. With the company of professional hunters, as a tag-a-long you will discover various secrets of hunting. On a solo hunt, you will be able to show your potential. Choose the right style — the ball is in your court!

How to Be a Casual Snow Goose Hunter
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