Midland ER310 Review

Midland ER310 Review

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If you spend any time in the outdoors away from the safety of civilization, a hand-crank radio isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. They provide a source of light, sustainable power, and weather alerts from the NOAA that ensure you’re prepared for anything.

They’re more reliable than cell phones as the towers and networks they rely on can go down in the middle of extreme weather conditions. Multiple radio stations provide information to these devices, ensuring redundant systems protect you.

Midland ER310 Emergency Crank Basic Overview

Midland ER310 Review

When you’re preparing for an emergency, this may be the device you want at your side. With its redundant power systems and a broad range of capability, it keeps you connected with information critical to your safety in an emergency. It comes with a host of power systems to ensure you can rely on it come rain or shine. When the sun shines, you can charge it with the built-in solar panel, while at night you can work the crank to generate electricity to charge its batteries. Have a pair of AA’s available? You can quickly swap those out for immediate, effort- free power.

You’ll receive an immediate notification of NOAA Weather reports and can charge your phone using the built-in USB port.

Is rescue near at hand but having trouble finding you? The built-in dog whistle will help you notify them of your position even at a distance.

Midland produces some of the most reliable emergency preparedness devices on the market, and the ER310 is an excellent example of their wares.

  • NOAA Weather Scan and Alert
  • Multiple Power Sources
  • Can Charge External Devices
  • Flashlight Is Available For Emergencies and Signaling
  • Solar Charging Panel Requires Strong Sunlight

Kaito KA500 5-Way Crank Powered Emergency Radio

With a similar price-point to the Midland model, this emergency radio doesn’t come with as many features. It can be charged by swapping out the trio of AA batteries, by being plugged into an electrical outlet, by the crank, or by the sun.

KAITO KA-500 Emergency Radio

One thing that makes the Kaito stand apart from the Midland is the unique design of its solar panel. The panel can be tilted 180 degrees to ensure that it is catching the maximum amount of sun to speed charging.

KAITO KA-500 solar panel

Unlike the Midland model, it doesn’t immediately notify you when a weather alert is issued. You do have a choice of seven weather channels to tune into, but you must be tuned into these
channels to hear any weather alerts. Given that the two models are in the same price range, it’s hard to recommend this over the Midland model.

American Red Cross Hand Crank Emergency Radio

American Red Cross Hand Crank Emergency RadioThe American Red Cross provides an excellent alternative to other Emergency Crank Radios, coming with a few features absent on other models. These include the ability to switch
between being a regular AM/FM radio, a weather radio and a weather alert radio, and being able to be used as a speaker for outside media sources.

It retains the features of the other models, including being able to charge external devices. One other valuable feature of this model is the red LED Flashing beacon that can be left on to make you easier to find in an emergency.

Overall it’s an excellent model and easily holds its own against the other two on this list.

Product’s Manufacturer Info

Midland has dedicated itself to being a pioneer in emergency radio technology since it got its start 50 years ago. From its headquarters in Kansas City, the company continues to provide exceptional emergency equipment and radio technology to its customers.

Buyer’s Guide

When you’re looking into buying an emergency crank radio, you want to make sure the model you select is a weather alert radio. Weather band radios have to be tuned to the appropriate station to get the alerts, while the former will receive the warning no matter what. Weather alert radios will even notify you if the receiver is off, so long as it has the power to turn on. In addition to this vital feature, you want to ensure that they have multiple functions, including an LED flashlight, and a USB charging port.

Frequently Asked Questions

q: What is the best brand for emergency radio?

There are many brands out there providing competitive quality technology in the emergency radio industry. Midland has a reputation reaching back 50 years of excellence in radio technology that makes them stand out.

q: Can you use AA batteries?

The Midland brand of radio supports AA Batteries, while the Red Cross radio requires AAA. For those seeking a receiver that can accommodate AA batteries, the Midland model is an excellent choice.

q: Can I use ER310 for winter campings? What is the temperature range?

This model is capable of working in any environment and is not limited by weather. From the heat of the desert to the coldest mountain, you'll be able to take full advantage of the Midland ER310's emergency features.

Midland ER310 Review
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