Camping Games for Kids and Adults

Camping Games for Kids and Adults

Camping has many benefits. A few hours in the woods will inject into the blood a whole cocktail of beneficial hormones: adrenaline, which pushes to new achievements, endorphin, called the hormone of happiness. Besides, during outdoor activities, camping games for kids and adults improve the mood of the kids and general well-being.

Top 19 Camping Games Your Kids Will Love

What to do with a city child in the woods, without a tablet, smartphone, or at least a TV? Numerous games will appeal to both children and adults.

Camping Olympics

Instead of choosing a few camping games for kids and adults on the internet, why not go on a real Olympics adventure?

Camping Games for Kids and Adults
If the company organizes for numerous children and adults, they can divide into teams. Then the squads can arrange the following competitions:

  • sleeping bag races;
  • treasure hunt;
  • tests for strength and intelligence.

People can easily make the game more varied: add a unique grading system, come up with prizes and additional points. An exciting pastime is guaranteed.

20 Questions

For those who don’t like sports, there will be a way to have fun too. A person can choose the classic 20-question game to practice the wit. The rules will be apparent to both kids and adults:

  • One player thinks of one item.
  • His team should ask him questions.
  • He can only answer yes or no.

When someone guesses the hidden object, it is the next person’s turn. If no one can guess correctly, then the first player will continue his role in the next round.

Fire tender

In this game, the participant is blindfolded on the ground. He is surrounded by chopsticks that lie next to him. The rest of the participants must discreetly approach and pick up one stick at a time.

Camping Games for Kids and Adults
A child sitting on the ground will hear someone approaching and will have to point the finger at that person. If he guesses who it was, he wins, and the other child is eliminated from the game. In large companies, a person can divide the children and play in turns.


People can play fantastic and popular camping games for kids and adults anywhere — in the forest or the park. Before starting this game, all participants need to agree on the boundaries of the territory, beyond which no one can hide.

Camping Games for Kids and Adults
The whole point is that one part of the kids is hiding, and the leader searches for them. The leader’s work is to search for the participants and, having found them, return and knock on the wall. The task of the hidden ones is to try to overtake the leader or wait for him to go the other way and hit first — then they are considered not found.

Camping Bingo

Choosing bingo for camping is the right decision, as this educational game has a positive outcome on the memorization of new knowledge and increases the attentiveness of children. It also allows them to learn to concentrate on getting results and be proud of new knowledge among peers and other adults.

Camping Games for Kids and Adults
Participants in the game, who have a corresponding number or image on their cards, cover it with a chip. The victory goes to the one who fills in all the cells on his card the fastest. For greater motivation, people can use various incentives as a prize in the first place — this will make the leisure time even more vivid and exciting.

Scavenger hunt

The treasure hunt quest is not just a game. And it is a unique performance that unfolds in front of friends and draws the kids into the thick of things. The battle for the treasures hidden in the forest will be an exciting pastime for both adults and kids.

Camping Games for Kids and Adults
The essence of the game is that you need to find hidden treasures. The winner should receive a prize. The game helps to learn new knowledge using involuntary attention and memory. Through participation in this kind of camping games for kids and adults, the children learn to interact with different participants (rivals or teammates).

I Spy

This game is an example of absolute fun. Using a couple of words, the person can keep himself busy with an engaging activity.
Camping Games for Kids and Adults
To dive into the game world, a player needs to say, «I spy with my eye …» and then describe some object. The person who guesses the described phenomenon or thing will be the winner.

Sleeping Bag Race

The start line is drawn on the playing court, and two flags are set. All kids are parted into two squads with an equal number of participants. They are built at the line in two columns. The first participants get into the bags.

Camping Games for Kids and Adults
At the signal of an adult, the players begin to run in bags, holding them at the waist. Having reached each of their flags, they go around it and, in the same bags, return to the start line, where participants pass the bag to the next participant.

Camping Trip

Each participant begins his statement with the words, «I am going on a hike, and I am going to bring …». Simultaneously, a person needs to name all the items they would like to take with them.

Camping Games for Kids and Adults
The next competitor must bring an item that leads to the last letter of the previously named entity. And so it should continue in a circle. This game will tickle the nerves of the participants.


This type of camping games for kids and adults will help to enjoy fun events and amusement. It will help friends spend fascinating time off. Charade is a brain-teaser in which a phrase is thought out, but people should not guess right away. The squads need to assume, in turn, asking yes/no questions.

Water relay

On sweltering days, playing with water can be a lifesaver. For this, people need:

  • Align individuals in a line.
  • Give them an empty glass.
  • Fill the first child’s glass with water.

Then, the kid should, without looking back, pour water into the glass of the participant who is standing behind him. And this is repeated for the last child. It is a very entertaining game to have fun on scorching days.

Knot Tying Challenge

Here adults, like real masters of everything in the world, can teach kids how to tie knots. After everyone learns to do this, minor participants can arrange a competition to secure the knot faster and better. These activities are not only engaging but also develop many skills for children.

Capture the flag

This entertainment requires two large teams and a lot of free space. The entire area should be divided between the groups. The squads also need flags that each of them must hide on their territory.

Camping Games for Kids and Adults
The main task is to detect the flag of the opposing team. If one of the participants is caught on the territory of an enemy camp, he will be sent to an impromptu prison. The spirit of friendly competition is assured!

Red light green light

One participant will be the traffic light. First, he must face the children, then turn his back and say: «Green light!». Participants must try to reach this traffic light.

When the child wants, he can quickly say «Red light!». If any participant moves at this moment, he returns to the starting position.

Simon says

It is a prevalent activity among camping games for kids and adults that can bring a lot of joy. Three or more people can participate in it, where one participant becomes the leader, i.e., Simon, who gives commands, for example: «Simon says: Clap the hands!». The rest of the players must execute the command. Simon gives orders quickly, and the participants should not hesitate and promptly manage them. Otherwise, the leader can eliminate them.

Camping Games for Kids and Adults
Besides, the order must necessarily begin with the words «Simon says …». Otherwise, it cannot be performed, and if one of the players does this, he is eliminated.


People can play tag with any company, but it becomes more exciting when there are numerous children. Before the game, it is necessary to agree on the boundaries of the field on which the game will take place. Previously, the company needs to choose the one who will catch up with everyone. The people scatter, the leader catches them and tries to touch them.

Ring Toss

For this game, the company needs to fix a couple of sticks into the ground, and children should throw rings at them. People can diversify this game: use sticks and rings that glow in the twilight. It can be amusing to play this game in the evening!

Camping Tic Tac Toe

Here, river pebbles and other objects that are discovered in the woods can be playing things. Participants should paint them with a division into two groups.

Camping Games for Kids and Adults
Having parted the attributes into two squads, they are given to the teams, which will play them according to the usual tic-tac-toe principle. The circuit itself can be depicted on the earth with a stick.


The presenter thinks out a word and whispers it to the lead player so that the others don’t hear. The first whispers in the second player’s ear what he heard. The last player calls out loudly what he heard. It is usually very different from the word the presenter said and causes everyone to have a good laugh.


Various camping games for kids and adults are exciting and exciting. Still, they help children acquire valuable skills, develop observation, talent, and learn to navigate the terrain independently, use a compass, and implement different skills.

Camping Games for Kids and Adults
A camping trip for kids is already a great adventure and an opportunity to make a couple of discoveries. On a hot day in the woods, the child does not get bored and does not start whining, and the company can dive into games.

Camping Games for Kids and Adults
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