TOP 5 Best Trolling Motors of 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

TOP 5 Best Trolling Motors of 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are searching for the trolling motor in the market, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled the best trolling motor present today along with their techs, features and pros and cons.

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Newport Vessels NV-Series Electric Trolling Motor

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MinnKota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor

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Goplus Electric Trolling Motor

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Fishing is one of the very common pastimes as it takes you on an amazing adventure, allowing you to feel the satisfaction that you have never felt as soon as you make a catch. To make this hobby more enjoyable, you must consider investing in a trolling motor. These trolling motors are essential pieces of equipment that are necessary for a serious boat angler.

These motors allow you to move through the water with ease and get close to the fish you want to catch without scaring them away. Keep on reading to find out which motor you must buy and find out how to buy the best trolling motor today.

Newport Vessels NV-Series Electric Trolling Motor

If you are searching for a versatile trolling motor for your small recreation boat or a canoe, then this Newport Vessels motor will be ideal for you. This motor is made up of thirty inches of premium quality fiberglass that makes up the adjustable shaft. Also, you get a thrust of 36 lbs. on this machine and eight different speed settings.

This model helps in moving your boat even when you no longer have the energy to push it around. This transom mount unit is ideal for salt and freshwater both due to its stainless steel frame. The six-inch telescopic handle on this motor provides you with better mobility whereas the 8 different speed settings provide you with greater control.

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The useful LED indicator and lighting system assists you beforehand on the power left in your motor. Due to its reasonable price, this motor will not make you empty your pockets. Since the materials used in this motor are premium quality, you do not have to worry about the reliability of this trolling motor. The motor head can withstand harsh weather conditions without breaking down.

Moreover, this motor has the ability to do well no matter where it is put down. If you are looking for a motor that can last, has a good power capacity and can produce decent speed even under strained conditions without costing you an arm and a leg, then this motor can be the one you want.

  1. Thrust: 55 lbs.
  2. Power: 12 V

  • Can run in freshwater and saltwater both
  • The adjustable shaft on this boat makes it suitable for different sizes
  • It also has a digital battery meter allow you to keep a check on the battery level

  • The speed adjustment lever does not work properly

MinnKota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor

MinnKota Endura Transom Mount trolling motor is a faithful friend for boat anglers and helps in providing them with quality and consistency. It comes with easy maneuvering that allows you to turn your boat on a dime. This is no doubt one of the best trolling motors and is a sophisticated product. The 30lb thrust power present on this motor makes it perfect for canoes as well as kayaks.

Since it is transom mount, this motor will fit in the back of your boat with ease. Moreover, Minn Kota is incredibly confident in the quality of their trolling motor. For this reason, you can get a lifetime guarantee on your composition shaft which is already robust and indestructible. The rest of the product has a two-year warranty.

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Apart from having a quiet battery, this trolling motor has a unique fitted friction minimizing system; this makes sure that your fishes will not get scared away. Also, with the silence of the motor, you can enjoy the feeling of being close to nature and relax as your boat glides onto the water peacefully. With batteries rated 12V and thrust power of 30lb, this boat also comes with a Power Prop that gives your boat a burst of power when it gets tangled with weeds in the water and needs a push.

When it comes down to using this motor, it is incredibly easy. This motor is controlled through a telescopic 6-inch long handle that allows you to change the directions easily. This handle also has the speed, power button and reverse controls present. When it comes down to speed, you get to choose between five different speed options when moving forward and three when reversing.

Since this motor is adjusted through a lever-lock, it is easy to attack, and the bracket comes with easy maneuverability. Also, this bracket can be adjusted in ten different positions. However, make sure that you use this trolling motor in freshwater as it is not made for saltwater usage.

  1. Thrust: 50 lbs.
  2. Power: 12V

  • It is built to last and is incredibly durable
  • It is easy to handle and comes with a 6-inch handle
  • Has a lightweight making it easy to transports
  • Different speeding options
  • Is completely noiseless

  • It does not work properly in choppy and rocky water conditions
  • The reverse speeds are not as powerful as the forward speeds are
  • Does not come with a strong thrust to move larger boats

Goplus Electric Trolling Motor

The Goplus electric trolling motor is ridiculously low priced when compared with the features it offers. This is a very powerful trolling motor and comes with a thrust of 55 pounds. However, this motor does not come with a 12-volt battery which does not come with this motor. Goplus also allows you to pick from three different thrust levels.

These levels include 46, 55 and 86 lbs. even though the 46 lbs. thrust is perfect for propelling small boats; the 55-pound thrust is ideally suited for boats weighing 1000lbs. or more. However, if you own a watercraft that’s huge, then you will need around 86 lbs. pounds of thrust.

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When fishing it is crucial that the sound of the motor does not scare them away and thankfully this motor does this job perfectly. It keeps the noise level to a low and minimum level and makes the boat move without stirring the pond. Due to its different speed levels, this trolling motor is very versatile. This boat features five different forward speeds and three different reversing speeds.

At the first speed, your boat will move at 1.5 miles per hour whereas speed one to four will also generate a similar pace. However, with speed four to five the boat will speed up and travel at three miles per hour; even though this speed is not very remarkable, it is not bad either.

You also get a 10 point LED indicator for your battery which prevents your motor from running out of power at the most awkward time.  The propeller on this motor comes with three blades that allow you to navigate easily through tough marshes and other fresh waterways filled with weeds. Even though this motor is not waterproof and is susceptible to leaking, nevertheless get around 55 lbs. of thrust on a 12-volt power system. This feature in this motor makes it a very affordable option.

It also provides you with a greater run time of around two hours that you can enjoy.

  1. Thrust: 46 lbs.
  2. Power: 12V

  • This trolling motor has a great value
  • The battery power on this trolling motor is long lasting
  • It is a powerful motor with three different thrust levels and is able to push large amounts of weight easily

  • It is not waterproof
  • The reverse speed power on this motor is weak

Cloud Mountain Thrust Electric Trolling Motor

For fishermen that own inflatable and small fishing boats, this trolling motor with an operating system of 12 volts is an ideal option. At this price point, the 28-inch fiberglass composite shaft that is adjustable is an ideal option. This trolling motor also comes with many great features such as its ability to work in saltwater as well as freshwater.

It also comes with a telescopic handle that is extendable and adjustable. Moreover, the 10 pointed LED battery indicator lets you know when the motor requires a charge, and the depth adjustment collar makes it easy for you to fish around. This motor’s ability to thrust 50 lbs. makes it suited for small boats with up to 12-feet.

Even though this motor can function on bigger boats, but it is better if you invest in a motor with a higher thrust power if you own a big boat. With that being cleared, when this motor is placed on the right sized boat, you can enjoy a better thrust and great torque from this motor. Due to its high strength design, you can the perfect ablation resistant that makes this motor incredibly stable.

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Since it is a corrosion resisted product, you can enjoy its durability and longevity over a long time period. The depth adjustment collar on this motor is a helpful feature. This quality allows you to adjust the depth of the propeller according to your requirement. The telescopic handle on this motor is 6 inches long and adjustable providing you with better control in tight places.

The ergonomic design of this handle allows you to get rid of blisters and pesky strains on a long day. Now even though this motor comes with a lot of assembling parts, the instructions present on this motor will help you get through this process without any problem. In conclusion, this is a responsive and powerful motor that does not drain your battery quickly. It creates little to no noise pollution and is created to last long.

If you do not have a lot of money to spend but would like one of the best trolling motors for your inflatable and small fishing boat, then this motor is ideal for you.

  1. Thrust: 40 lbs.
  2. Power: 12V

  • The speed settings on this motor are very responsive
  • It is very easy to set this motor and operate it
  • This motor comes with many different variations of thrust capacities

  • The shaft on this motor is only 28 inches which are too undersized for some boats

Outsunny Thrust ElectricTrolling Motor

The Outsunny trolling motor is a less expensive and affordable motor for your fishing boat. It is a durable and high quality performance product. The entire body of this product is incredibly rigid and has the ability to withstand very harsh water conditions. With the black color finish, the entire motor body is incredibly strong.

The thirty-inch shaft present on this boat is good enough for kayaks and small boats. Moreover, the six-inch-long telescopic handle is incredibly useful for fishers as they allow you to run out of harsh water with great speed. This motor is very powerful and works on silent mode without vibrations. Once you finish installing it, there is absolutely no vibration at all even at full throttle.

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With a 50 pound thrust, the performance of this machine is pretty decent. It is an ideal product for daily use. This motor has the ability to carry six to seven people easily at a speed of 6.5 kilometers. Moreover, the shaft of this motor is designed to provide you with maximum performance without any fumbling. Also, it has five different forward speeds and three different reverse speeds that you can use.

The indestructible motor head of this product is made with good material and durable. The impeller on this item is designed properly in order to provide you with maximum output. Due to the stainless steel, aluminum and zinc material used in its making, this motor can work saltwater as well as freshwater.

  1. Thrust: 50 lbs.
  2. Power: 12V

  • It comes with a black finished solid body
  • Has an LED battery indicator
  • Telescoping adjustable handle

  • The LED indicators tend to remain on even when the motor is off.

Buyers Guide

Understanding the kind of motor you need is a specific process that should not be ignored. Many users make the mistake of not doing proper research on their options. This error leads them into investing in the wrong kind of motor for their water adventures. Mentioned below are some pointers on the kind of specification you must look out for when making your purchase:

Bow Or Transom

When it comes down to trolling motors, there are two different types of motors according to how they get mounted on the boat. Transom mount trolling motors properly fit on the boats back, and they work by pushing it through the water.

These transom mount trolling motors can fit any kind of boats, but they are best suited on small vessels such as canoes and kayaks. Apart from providing you with a mechanized boat, transom mount trolling motors can also position your boat in the water properly.

Bow mount trolling motors get fitted on the front of the boat, and they work by pulling it through the water. These motors are the perfect option for boats that are large and need a mounting bracket to fit the housing of the boat. Since these bow mount motors pull your vehicle through the water, it provides you with more control as compared to the transom as well as more advanced maneuverability.

Salt Or Freshwater

Trolling motors can further be classified according to the water they are supposed to work in. There are two different kinds of motors, freshwater trolling motor and saltwater trolling motor. These freshwater motors are exclusively used in small ponds and lakes only.

If you employ these motors in the sea, the manufacturing guarantee of the product can get void, and you can cause serious damage to the motor. However, saltwater trolling motors have the ability to work on both types of water. Since their motor parts are corrosion and salt resistant they can work and adjust to any kind of water without damaging it.


It is important for trolling motor buyers to understand the thrust power. Thrust power is the amount of strength needed in order to move any vessel through the water. The higher the thrust power of the motor the better your vessel can maneuver on the water. Without a proper thrust strength, it can be very difficult for you to move your boat through harsh weather conditions such as high waves and areas with snags.

So when shopping for a trolling motor make sure that you keep in mind that the bigger your boat will be the more thrust it will need. So if you have a long and heavy vessel, you must opt for a high thrust power.


The size of the trolling motor depends entirely on the shaft length and the thrust power. If you have a larger boat, then it will need more stability when facing harsh water conditions and a change in the wind currents, and so you will need a bigger trolling motor.

Similarly, if you have a small boat, then you must invest in a small trolling motor as it will work perfectly and won’t dominate the boats weight and direction.

Battery Consumption

Most trolling motors come with battery gauges present at the head of the motor. These gauges indicate how much power is left in the trolling motor’s battery. This assists in letting you know beforehand if your motor can carry on with the journey. It also helps you to figure out how much power the motor has before it needs to be put on charge.

Also, some motors come with battery efficient features like Digital Maximizer. This feature helps in preserving the battery, and it slows down the battery draining process. This upsurges the overall run time of the motor and works more efficiently.

Hand Or Foot Control

When purchasing a trolling motor for your vessel, you will need to figure out how to operate it. You can either choose a foot controlled, or a hand controlled motor. This can be difficult to decide which is why we advise that you give these two a try.

Generally, the hand control motors are ideal for more expert fishermen; due to other tasks, your hand cannot always be steering on the rod, and so it is ideal for people very much advanced. However, this hand control motors is a good option if your motor is sensitive and can respond to your actions right away. This will help in increasing the efficiency of your boat.

Also, since it takes less space than a foot controlled motor, hand motor is a good option if you are hosting guests on your boat. On the other hand, the advantages of a foot controlled trolling motor are that it is a hands-free system and does not require you to sit in front of the motor as you can pedal with your foot. This means that you are able to finish other tasks without losing control.

This foot control motor is a good option for beginners.

Shaft Length

Selecting the shaft’s length is also an essential step as this will determine how much control you will have over your boat. The length of the shaft must match with the length of the boat. Keep in mind if the shaft of the trolling motor is too short then it will not be able to be immersed in the water fully, and this can make sailing very unproductive.

Whereas if the shaft is too long and you are sailing in shallow water, then your trolling motor will not work sufficiently either. So before investing in your trolling motor make sure you pick the right kind of shaft length.

Extra Features

There are certain features on these trolling motors that can make your entire experience better. Some motors have normal additional features whereas some have high tech features. Some specific features include self-direction. This means that the vessel will have the ability to steer on its own.

This feature is made possible by following a certain depth or the shoreline. This steering can also be adjusted to work in a straight line. You can use your hands and feet to concentrate on fishing easily with self-direction.

Also, most modern trolling motors have digital displays. These displays allow you to be aware of the speed you are traveling at as well as the depth under your boat. This information is very helpful and allows you to reach a point where lots of fishes are present.

Final thoughts

When it comes to investing in the best trolling motor it is essential that you do your research in order to choose the perfect addition to your vessel. The right kind of trolling motor will provide you with good angling and leave you with more energy and time during your favorite hobby.

When purchasing the perfect kind of trolling motor, make sure that you take into consideration all the factors to ensure that your trolling motor is one of the best.

TOP 5 Best Trolling Motors of 2022 – Buyer’s Guide
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