Best Dartboard  – TOP Picks of 2022 – Buyer`s Guide

Best Dartboard – TOP Picks of 2022 – Buyer`s Guide

The game of darts is a traditional, timeless game of skill, coordination, but most of all fun and entertaining. Whether you are new to the game or have many years of experience behind you, there really is no question that the best way to learn and keep up with the game is to use the best dartboard.

It’s no question that there is a great need today to find affordable, accessible ways of reducing stress and darts is perfectly suited for just this purpose. Once properly installed, a dartboard is always there waiting for you to take a few shots at the bulls-eye. If you miss the center, you haven’t completely lost out as points are graduated across the entire gaming surface. Once you throw your first dart, your focus will be on the board and thoughts of other things quickly vanish to the background.

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Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard

Highly durable
Best for kids ★

GIGGLE N GO Reversible Magnetic Dart Board

Safe and interesting
Buyer's choice ★
sprawl 1

SPRAWL Dart Board Game Set

12-month warranty
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Better yet, the repetitive nature of playing darts will naturally improve your hand-to-eye coordination. This improves mental activity and acuity that can only serve as a benefit in anything else you do. The repetitive task of trying to hit the target improves over time and you may be surprised to discover other areas of daily living that improved from better coordination.

Another added benefit is the very likely improvement in one’s social life. In a time when so many people feel alone or isolated, the game of darts is best experienced in a social setting. A room full of people and awkward silence can quickly transform into a raucous time of fun competition and laughter. Few social activities offer the challenge and bragging rights than a friendly game of darts. Above and beyond even that are organized and professional leagues that offer even greater social benefits. If you are looking to expand your social standing and find new and interesting friends, darts just may be what you need in your life.

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard

If you are an experienced dart player or a beginner ready to take the next step towards competitive play, this dartboard is a great choice.

It is not only a full regulation sized board, but it also has the distinction of being endorsed by the British Darts Association.

The broad target scoring area is enhanced by a thinner wire that also incorporates a reduced angle in the divided wiring system. The combination of these two improvements reduces bounce-out and allows for an enhanced scoring experience.

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Add the fact that the bullseye area is made with proprietary carbon diffusion technology making scoring a direct hit more achievable.

This manufacturer is proud of their product and they really want to see people using it in many different environments. Because of this, they have developed a very useful lock and level system so that you can use it just about anywhere. If you see a dart board being used by experienced players, there’s a good chance it is a Minmau board.

  1. Professional bristle dartboard
  2. Improved scoring area
  3. Triple wheel lock-and-level system allowing for easy attachment to almost any surface
  4. Bullseye ring composed of Carbon diffusion technology

  • Officially endorsed by one of the world’s premier dart associations
  • Many technological and material improvements

  • No darts included

GIGGLE N GO Reversible Magnetic Dart Board

The Go Reversible board is essentially marketed for a younger crowd. But it really can be fun for people of all ages. It’s a great board for apartments, rental homes or any other indoor location where you want to avoid wall damage. The bright colors make for easier aiming and increased attention.

This board includes an added feature not found on all dart boards that makes it somewhat more versatile. When younger kids eventually tire of one type of target, the board flips over to a completely new and fun gaming experience.

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The darts included in this set are designed with strong magnets so that when they hit their mark they will stay where they land. Ask any dart player and they will surely tell you that bounce-outs are one of the more frustrating aspects of the game. Designers of other but similar dart boards haven’t quite figured this out, but GIGGLE N knows you want to have as much fun as possible.

  1. 16-inch dartboard
  2. 2 Different game options on one single board
  3. 6 Magnetic Darts

  • Well-designed
  • Stands up well to constant use
  • Safe dart game for children

  • Magnetic darts are not weighted the same as traditional darts

SPRAWL Dart Board Game Set

Because the game of darts is something most everyone enjoys, this product allows you to take the game with you wherever you go, and the best part is you don’t have to mount it on your friends and neighbors wall. The sturdy, portable stand is easy to carry. This advantage makes it easy for you to take your favorite game with you wherever you are and invite your friends to start playing within minutes.

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With the Sprawl Dartboard Game Set, you can easily share the love of darts with just about anyone. You can even take this set to a local park or outdoor area. If you want to meet new an fun-loving people, simply start playing a game on your own and it won’t take long for others to join you in round after round of fun, social gaming.

Because Sprawl makes this board with dividing wires that are 30% thinner, the chances of striking a particular one and achieving a score increase.

  1. Regulation size, 18” board with double-Sided flocking
  2. Tripod stand with adjustable height settings
  3. 6 Darts

  • 30% thinner dividing wires
  • Portable stand
  • Six starter darts
  • 12-month warranty

  • Portable stand may not endure extensive use well

Viper Double Play 2-in-1 Baseball Dartboard

This is a great starter board for those just getting into the fun and growing sport of darts. The dimensions meet tournament regulations so you don’t have to worry about learning on one board only to discover that official boards are a different size.

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 The board itself is of high-density paper rather than cork, rubber or other materials that wear out too quickly. The tight layers of paper are designed so that darts will be less likely to bounce off the target. This manufacturing method also allows you to use either regulation steel-tip darts or soft-tip darts which are more forgiving on household walls.

The bright colors make it easier for beginners to see the different zones which aids in learning how to aim. In addition to the regulation target side of the board, the reverse side provides additional fun and games with a Baseball Darts target.

  1. Tournament quality regulation size
  2. High-density coiled Paper
  3. Pre-installed hanging bracket
  4. Double-faced board allowing for a wide variety in gameplay
  5. Two sets of Starter darts

  • Attractive board
  • Bright target area is great for beginners
  • Incorporated hanging bracket
  • Practice darts included

  • The appearance of the target area may degrade over time
  • The starter darts are not for longevity or high-level play

Funsparks Magnetic Dart Board Game

This magnetic dartboard is the perfect gaming solution for the darts enthusiast who may be unwilling or unable to risk potential wall damage from standard sharp-tip darts. The typically sharp darts are replaced with flat end magnetic tips. Both of these factors make this board a wonderful option for introducing younger children to the exciting game of darts. Keep in mind though that this dart board is not just for children.

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Many adults, especially those first learning the game, experience different levels of discouragement at the damage done to their walls by traditional dart sets. In either case, this board serves as a great introductory set for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of the game. Its small size makes it very simple to put away when not in use. When those darts go missing from time-to-time, because they are not sharp, finding them on accident will not typically injure your  feet or toes.

  1. 5-inch dartboard with a keyhole slot for mounting
  2. 6 magnetic tipped darts

  • Magnetic darts are a safe alternative for children
  • Reduces damage to walls

  • Not regulation
  • Metal board will stand up to some amount of regular play, but may eventually develop dents

Buyers Guide

Board Size

Dart boards come in a variety of sizes, but if you want to learn the true game of darts, the regulation size board is 18 inches. The basic essential for playing darts is the regulation size board divided into twenty individual scoring zones as well as the bullseye center. This type of board is commonly referred to as the “clock” board.

Board Material

  • Bristle (Sisal): Compressed natural fiber derived from the Agave plant. The best boards by most accounts are made from sisal. The advantage of the natural fibers is that once you remove a dart from the board, the hole will close.
  • High Density Paper: Compressed layers of paper act in a way similar to sisal, but the paper will wear out much faster than natural fiber.
  • Cork: Brand new cork boards play remarkably well. The problem is that the holes left behind by multiple dart hits will make bounce-outs a regular and frustrating part of the game.


A dart board that has a simple painted surface will lose its attractiveness in a very short time. The best boards utilize special food grade inks that penetrate deep into the surface of the board material providing a much longer lasting target area.

Dividing Wires

An often overlooked aspect of the dart board is the size and thickness of the metal wires that divide individual target zones. Wider wires make the target zones smaller and increase the chance that your dart will hit the wire rather than the playing surface. Quality dart board incorporate thinner wire and some even shave an angle on the surface of the wire for added accuracy and fewer bounce-outs.

In addition, a board with a removable wire can be rotated between games so that the target surface is not constantly worn down from repeated strikes.


If you are looking for something new and exciting to learn, the game of darts is a great option to consider.  Darts, especially competitive play, is far from simplistic and actually requires considerable practice, patience and skill development. Perhaps the most inviting aspect of the game is the fact that it is one that people can play from just about any age group and any skill level. The basic game takes very little explaining to get started and basic skills can develop pretty quickly. Over time, dart players improved skills can easily be rewarded through complex game variations and competitive tournaments.

Best of all, the financial investment in darts is comparatively small. Its small footprint is also a great advantage. There is no need to reserve an entire room just for a game of darts. A good quality dartboard is easy to hang up and the look of a good quality board can even add an element of fun décor to a game room. If not hung for permanent use, the board can easily be tucked away after use. But once you get hooked on the game, your board may never see the darkness of storage again.


Best Dartboard – TOP Picks of 2022 – Buyer`s Guide
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